Quick and Dirty Long Jump

While I already have plans on this website for a regulation long jump, many times people just want an easy to build long jump so they can practice at home in their own back yard.  Depending on lumber costs in your area, the following jump can be built for around 50.00, with nothing more than a hammer, nails and a handsaw.  Although a skil saw and drill would make life easier 🙂  Prices given are lumber costs in my area.



  • 6 2x4s ($12)
  • 15 1/2 inch pvc pipes ($30)
  • 1 sheet OSB or plywood (OSB is usually cheaper, $7)
  • can of spray paint


Cut 4 of the 2x4s into 78 inch lengths.  Cut 1 2×4 into a 73 inch piece, and other remaining 2×4 into a 69 inch piece.

Take 2 of the 78in 2x4s and the 73in piece and nail or screw them together, placing the shorter piece on the inside of the longer ones, to form a U shape.   

Take the remaining 2 78in 2x4s and the 69in piece and also create a U shape, again putting the shorter board on the inside of the longer boards.

If you have a skil saw, rip the sheet of OSB by 4 inches on the long side, making it 8ft x 40in.  This is not required for a training jump, just take the extra 4 inches of your key into account when measuring your jump.

Cut the PVC pipes into 80 inch (approx 2m) lengths.  For a quick and dirty paint job, the theme of this article :-), lay all the pipes on the frame you just built and using a can of spray paint run a line across all the pipes approx 8 inches thick.  Roll them, paint another line, roll and repeat until they are all painted. 

quick_longjump To set up your jump, put the smaller U inside the larger U.  Using traffic cones to prop it up, place the key at one end of the jump.  The traffic cones will hold the key up, and collapse if the dog hits the key absorbing the impact.  Lay your pvc poles across the key approximately 10 inches apart, and you are ready to start jumping.

Since the key is not attached to the frame for this jump, you can move it onto the frame, compressing the jump down to 2 meters in length to begin training a young dog. 

Improvements beyond Quick and Dirty

  • Small notches can be cut into the 2x4s to hold the PVC pipes in place.
  • For nicer looking poles you can mask off the paint areas or wrap them with colored duct tape.
  • Paint the entire key, and add the 10cm band of white paint around the outer edge.
  • Measure the jump at each increment, ie 3m, 3.25m, 3.5m, 3.75m, 4m, etc and mark it on each side of the exterior U boards

With some minor upgrades, this jump is legal for FR competition.  The frame is legal "as-is", as long as proper measurements are followed.  The key has to be widened to 2.5m, approx 98.5in vs the 96in a standard sheet of plywood is and a regulation pivot point added.


One thought on “Quick and Dirty Long Jump

  1. Tiffany

    This post must have taken some time to write. Good stuff.  I appreciate all the information on building jumps you have put on the website, it will be much cheaper than buying them.

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