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I have been designing and coding web sites for over 25 years both in my day to day job, and for private clients. My daily job includes the creation and maintenance of a government owned website/application that tracks users, courseware creation, workflow, statistics capture and manipulation, and many other features.  For my private clients I offer services from basic website design to complete e-commerce websites allowing you to sell products online.  I have also designed a number of sites for dog sport events which include upcoming events, registration/payment, automated scoring and displaying results/statistics.  Your website will be designed on time, and for a reasonable price.

When working with a customer, I can design the entire website for you, but I prefer as much customer input as possible. This usually starts with me asking for the URL of sites you do and do not like. Those sites give me an idea of your individual tastes, color choices, etc. which helps me design and build a site you will be happy with. You should also take some time to think about what you wish to accomplish with your new website. Is it a basic presentation of information? Will you be selling products online? Will you need customer interaction such as a bulletin board?  Are you planning a blog?  Will you be using it for event registration and results tracking?

Once we have agreed upon a project, a deposit is required before I schedule a time slot for your project. The remainder of your balance will be due upon project completion. Projects are scheduled on a “first come, first served” basis.  For smaller projects pricing is based by the hour.  This means the more decisions you can make up front regarding content, layout, color scheme, etc. the more money you will save. Larger projects are a fixed rate based on the estimated size of the project.  

For more information or a bid on a project contact me at or 760-215-0343.

In addition to the Dantero website, the following are some websites I have designed and/or maintain.



  indring  absk9  rainier  chawp

icystraits specialty acktion k9

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