Stud Service

In addition to offering frozen semen from a number of dogs with historically significant bloodlines, Dantero also offers stud service to APPROVED outside females.  When contacting me, please include the following information:


  • your female's pedigree
  • any titles and health testing that has been done
  • some photos and/or video (preferably of her working)
  • a description of your female, including both her strong and weak points
  • which dog you are interested in breeding to
  • your goals for the breeding
  • what traits you hope my male will bring to your litter


Currently live coverage is available from:
Dantero's Ares – FRIII, PSA2, NADF1, CSAU, xrayed normal, Embark DNA clear

Stud fee is $1500.00 for live cover.  On occasion I will consider taking a pup for the stud fee.  Female must have a current brucellosis test, and be accompanied by her owner. Frozen semen from a number of dogs is also available, stud fee varies. Check the frozen semen page for more information.