The Facility

Dantero Malinois is a small facility located on just under 5 acres in Southern California at my private residence. There are usually only 5-6 of the dogs that make up Dantero Malinois living here, these are my retired dogs, current competition dogs, and the occasional breeding dog. The remainder of the dogs that make up the program are living with co-owners or are dogs we have unfortunately lost due to old age but who still contribute via frozen semen.

In keeping with my motto "Versatile dogs who will work for you and live with you" my dogs enjoy being indoor and outdoor dogs, spending time hanging out in the house, outside in their kennels, or cruising around the property playing fetch, wrestling with each other, harassing the chickens, and eating oranges and other fruit off the trees.  The property includes a large flat (well, flatish LOL) training field approx 125' x 50' where we practice obedience and jumps, a smaller puppy pen with a variety of environmental obstacles to challenge young pups, a variety of livestock pens that house ducks, chickens, goats, pigs and rabbits, and plans to set up an area for Barn Hunt and Nose Work.

To help combat the Southern California summers the dogs have access to stock troughs and "kiddy pools" full of water, and also an above ground swimming pool for monitored swimming and water rehab for injuries or conditioning.

Pups at Dantero Malinois are born in the house, a private kennel, or a whelping building. Some of the females welcome the visits by the other dogs in the household and are quite happy having their pups in the house where the other dogs can check in and meet the newest members of the family. Others prefer a more private location, without the interference of the other dogs and prefer to have their pups in the privacy of the whelping building or a kennel set off away from the commotion of the household. All the pups are handled daily (who could resist) and begin spending time out outdoors once their eyes are open and they are walking, weather permitting. At this point they begin interacting with the other dogs in the household, our cats, and the various livestock on the property (chickens, ducks, goats, pigs, rabbits, etc). At 4-5 weeeks they begin visiting the Ring club, herding facility, and other "safe" locations where I know the people and the dogs.

Visitors to the facility are welcome, but by appointment only, and only those seriously interested in aquiring a Dantero Malinois who have already gone through the interview process. The dogs are my passion and hobby, not a business, as such I also have a full time job as a computer programmer to support my hobby. Between work and the dogs care, training, competing, etc I have a limited amount of free time for visits, and have unfortunately had to cut out the "educational only, I've never met a Malinos and would like to come see them" visits. I still recommend people visit this breed in person before ever considering getting one, and can provide you with a list of events in your area where you should be able to see the breed in action and learn more about them. For those serious about getting a Dantero Malinois, feel free to check out the upcoming litters and dogs available pages, fill out the questionnaire, and we can begin to get to know each other.