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Breeding for Color

When talking about breeding, on a regular basis you will hear people say "breeding is a balancing act".  What this means is that there are MANY different traits to take into consideration when breeding.  Structure, temperament, genetic working qualities, cosmetics, health, etc.  And each of these categories have many smaller individual traits.  Cosmetics can include…

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Does Craigslist Equal Irresponsible?

I see posts on social media all the time regarding breeders advertising on Craigslist.   With most people of the opinion that if somebody advertises there, they are automatically an irresponsible breeder AKA back yard breeder, who needs to be shut down ASAP. I have never understood the concept that advertising on Craigslist, puppy sale websites,…

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Looking for that Perfect Puppy

What is it with people these days? Over the last few years I have seen a rise in the following that I really don't understand.  Newbie after newbie, who has never train/trialed a dog in sport X, looking for a pup, or already purchased a pup, who are absolutely adamant that they will wash any…

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