Upcoming Litters

If you are interested in a pup, please fill out the puppy questionnaire. If you are having problems with the online form you can copy and paste the questions from the puppy questionnaire and email it to me.

For older pups or adult dogs for sale, go to the Adults For Sale page.

It's important to note that when you are looking at the dogs and/or puppies on my website for sale, I am describing them as accurately as possible. You will not find a sales pitch that advertises every dog I have as "the best in the world", because I don't believe any one dog is the "best in the world". Best is subjective, depending on who is looking at the dog. It is more important to me to correctly match the right dog/pup with the right owner and situation/job. When your dog arrives I want you to be happy with the dog you received, not wonder where the dog I described on my site is.

Keeping in mind that everyone's vision of perfection is different, my idea of a "perfect" dog for me, may not be your idea of a "perfect" dog. Therefore it's important I get as much information as possible about the type of dog you would like, so I can send you the right dog for you.

The following litters are being planned for the next few years.  These are not "written in stone", if I feel a better match has come along, then I may switch males, but these are the current plans. I only breed a few times a year, so reservations are strongly recommended. For more information email me at malinois@dantero.com.

Dantero Plans for 2019

These breedings are under consideration for 2019.  I plan to do no more than 1-2 breedings in 2019, so not all of these will happen.  In some cases the health testing has not yet been done on a dog listed, that will also happen prior to any breeding.  Click on each dogs name for a description, pedigree, and links to more photos/videos.

PP du Dantero Breeding Announcement – DOB June 12, 2019, ready to go home mid August.  ALL SOLD.

Going Solo du Dantero – PSA PDC, x-rayed normal, Embark DNA clear
Patty van Achter 't Bos – x-rayed normal

Patty has been bred to Solo again. This would be a repeat of the MM-U litter which produced high drive dogs with big NVBK style grips, strong bodies, and solid temperaments. Heavy NVBK pedigree, with a little French thrown in. This litter will NOT be AKC registered, but can be NVBK registered if people want. AKC is available through their PAL program, but requires the dog to be spayed/neutered prior to registration. Pups are $1300. A $250 deposit is required to reserve a pup.

Solo (Vassiliev des Contes d'Hoffmann x Pakita du Dantero) is a high drive dog, with full/forward grips, with fight. Good structure, he's a great jumper like both his parents. He matured to be a medium sized dog, and runs in the upper-60s. Solo's original foundation work was in French Ring, and we are now competing in PSA. Solo has sired a few litters now and is consistently throwing excellent grips, high drives, and BIG offspring. Mac's size is coming through, with many offspring in the 70s and 80s.
Photos: https://www.facebook.com/pg/danteromalinois/photos/?tab=album&album_id=635811396470178
Videos: https://dantero.com/malinois-media/videos-by-dog/?id=2072

Patty (Ivam x Genni) is a good sized female, around 60 lbs. She's got full/calm grips, good drives and a social personality. Great with people and other dogs, super dog to just hang around with, but brings the drive when it's time. She was imported from Belgium after having produced one litter there, the pups are in Belgian Ring (NVBK) and working for the military. She's been bred to Solo before, with offspring training/competing in Ringsport (French and Mondio), obedience, agility, barn hunt and other performance events.
Photos: https://www.facebook.com/pg/danteromalinois/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2298004616917506
Videos: https://dantero.com/malinois-media/videos-by-dog/?id=2098

Some videos of the previous litter.


"Hagler" from the MM-U litter

Plans for 2020

QQ du Dantero – planned for early 2020, Bita is due in heat in January

Dantero's Ares ("Ares") – FRIII, NADF1, PSA1, CSAU, xrayed normal, Embark clear x Dantero's Bita de l'Esprit ("Bita") – FRII (1st leg), CSAU, OFA Good, elbows normal, Embark pending

Bita is a medium/large female (low 60s) with a social/stable personality.  Full/calm grips, and a high desire to please.  She reminds me a lot of her grandma Kita in her enthusiasm to work.  Excellent jumper.  Currently trialing in FRII and working towards her FRIII.  Bita lives in the house, with another dog, adults and regular child visitors. 

Ares is a medium/large sized dog (70-75 lbs) with solid bone and structure. High drives across the board (prey, hunt, toy, food, etc), full grips, brings aggression to the work, socially neutral to social, environmentally stable. High pack drive. Combines a high object possession with a high desire to interact. Ie brings it back, slams it into me, wants to play, but isn't wild about letting go. Ares is highly intelligent and extremely easy to teach.  Ares lives in the house, with other dogs, cats, adults and semi-regular child visitors.  He also has daily exposure to livestock.  He's neutral to them, unless I'm using him to move the goats to a new grazing area, then he's more than happy to do a little herding.

Ares video
Bita video

I am considering repeating the OO and NN breedings.  Previous litters have high drives across the board (prey, food, hunt, toy, etc) but at the same time an off switch. Wide range of size coming from CJ's side of the pedigree, pocket rockets to dogs on the upper end of standard. Forward personalities, good grips.  Pups are active in almost all sports/venues from protection sports to conformation.
Dantero's Ares – FRIII, NADF1, PSA1, CSAU, xrayed normal, Embark DNA clear X Fast Forward du Dantero – HRD2, HTAD1, HTD1, PT, HCT, xrayed normal, Embark DNA clear

For the last 15-20 years I have been storing semen from a wide variety of males.  It's time to start using it, before it gets any older and is no longer viable.  Some of these are bloodlines that are no longer available in a concentrated form anywhere in the world that I'm aware of.  NOTE: Since I do not breed more than 1-3 litters a year, with many recent years being 1 litter a year, I will not be using ALL of these males in the next 2 years, these are just some under consideration.  I also will not use frozen semen on a maiden female, which limits the potential breeding options.

Henzo de la Ailzallerie ("Enzo") – FRIII, SchH BH, TT, HIC, HCTs, OFA Excellent, elbows normal – A Ch.TR Docker de Vulcain and Ch.TR Billy de Mallassagne grandson, Enzo's pedigree is a combination many of the old French and Belgian lines such as de Vulcain, Noaillerie, Fontaine du Buis, Boscaille, G'Bibber, Qu'rack du Bois d'Emblise. His pedigree is very close to the pedigree of Elgos (Billy de Mallassagne is Atos brother), containing approximately 70% the same dogs, even having the white chest more commonly associated with "the Elgos line".

Lory de Chantepierre ("Lory") – FRIII, '99 Selectifs, BH, 1998 Championnant de Lorraine Vice Champion, OFA Good, Elbows Normal, CERF – A Docker de Vulcain son, and Atos grandson, Lory is linebred 2:3 on the legendary G'Bibber.

Rytmo des Deux Pottois ("Raptor") – FRIII, 1996 NARA FRIII Champion, OFA Good – An Elgos du Chemin des Plaines son, and G'Vitou grandson.

Vassiliev des Contes d'Hoffmann ("Mac") – FRIII, RATP(K9), CGC, OFA Good, elbows normal, CERF – A son of Tom van't Muizenbos and grandson of Veomar van het Groentenhof

If you are interested in a pup from one of these males, please fill out the questionnaire and indicate in the correct area which male or breeding you are interested in.

Deposits are NOT taken until a breeding is actually done.  If you are interested in a specific breeding, or a pup from a particular sire/dam, please fill out the questionnaire  to be put on a list.  In addition to updating the website and facebook, which I recommend people check on a regular basis, I will send out emails to interested parties when breeding plans are made or a breeding has been done.   I do not breed more than 1-3 litters a year, with many recent years being 1 litter a year.  Chances are if you contact me looking for a puppy "right now" I will not have anything for you, as my litters are pre-sold before they are born.  Therefore it is important you contact me to get on a waiting list to put down a deposit after the breeding is done.


Photos and Videos

Photos and videos of the dogs being bred and many of their relatives are available throughout the website using links at Video's and by following links on the pedigrees.


All litters are AKC registered, unless otherwise stated. Females will ONLY be sold on limited registration, this can be changed to full after health tests/titles are done, contact me for more information. All puppies must be registered with an approved name (litter letter, anything the owner wants, then du Dantero).  You are welcome to call your dog anything you want as a call name.  For example, from the G litter, Gibraltar du Dantero, call name "Rocky".  Or the B litter, B'Mercy du Dantero, call name "Mercy".


You can preview a copy of the contract online


The price for pups will be from $1300-$1800 depending on if it's a natural breeding, outside stud dog, or surgical AI, plus any shipping related expenses (crate, health certificate, shipping costs). NOTE: the price on litters from semen from deceased dogs may be even higher.  Deposits are accepted ($250/non-refundable) after a breeding has been done. Working homes are given preference. On occasion a female may be available on a co-own. Pups must be picked up or shipped by 8 weeks unless special arrangements have been made. For more information email me at malinois@dantero.com or call 760-215-0343.

The puppies will be extensively socialized and handled by both children and adults. As they grow various objects (metal, wood, plastic, etc boxes, tunnels, baby agility equipment, toys that make noise, etc) are introduced into the whelping pen, and later into the puppy yard for them to crawl under/over/through, carry around, play tug with etc. The puppies are all raised inside, with plenty of outside play time weather permitting. Each puppy will receive daily one-on-one sessions to play tug, learn to wear a leash, start basic obedience positions using food lures, etc. A deposit will reserve a pup. Pups will be sold with a written contract/guarantee.

Puppy Videos

The following are videos from previous litters, showing a small portion of the type of socializing and imprinting I do with the pups.

Environmental/People Socialization     Environmental Exposure     Basic Rag and Sleeve Work     Introduction to Sheep     Puppy Play with the Suit