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It's important to note that when you are looking at the dogs and/or puppies on my website for sale, I am describing them as accurately as possible. You will not find a sales pitch that advertises every dog I have as "the best in the world", because I don't believe any one dog is the "best in the world". Best is subjective, depending on who is looking at the dog. It is more important to me to correctly match the right dog/pup with the right owner and situation/job. When your dog arrives I want you to be happy with the dog you received, not wonder where the dog I described on my site is.

Should I happen to have the best dog in the world, I will be sure to note that in their description, but that will probably be the description you find in the "my dogs" section of this website, not the for sale section :-). Otherwise, I strive for accuracy in an attempt to find each buyer their own "perfect" dog, be it a serious police K-9, a family dog that will act as a deterrent or a "sport" dog that will take you to the podium. Keeping in mind that everyone's vision of perfection is different, my idea of a "perfect" dog for me, may not be your idea of a "perfect" dog. Therefore it's important I get as much information as possible about the type of dog you would like, so I can send you the right dog for you, not me.

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For Sale

"Lonely", 2 year old female Malinois, is available to a "local" home.  Local meaning I will not ship her, the new potential owner must come pick her up in person.  She would be best suited to a performance home.  Lonely is a sweet dog who is very "into" her handler/family.  Gets along well with other dogs.  Has been introduced to livestock for herding.  Minimal experience with kids, but would probably be fine with them with proper exposure.  Lonely will be spayed prior to placement.  Adoption fee $300.  For more information on Lonely, contact me at 

"Sievert" du Dantero, 3 year old female Malinois, is available to a "local" home (I'm in S. CA).  Local meaning I will not ship her, the new potential owner must come pick her up in person.  It's just become to much of a PITA, especially with adult dogs and our summer time temps. Might consider a non-local home if you can arrange ground transport, but I'd rather she go to someone who can actually come meet her. NOT FOR BREEDING. Medium sized. 49lbs at recent vet visit. Has some basic obedience and bite work foundation, house broken, crate trained, good with other dogs. High toy, food, hunt and prey drives. Sievert would be suitable for a working or performance home. Needs an experienced handler. Sievert is a very forward/friendly dog. No small kids.  Check out her website for more information on Sievert, photos, videos, etc.  Sievert has some bite work foundation, basic obedience, is house and crate trained.  Sievert will be spayed prior to placement.  Adoption fee: $300 to cover the cost of the spay.  For more information on Sievert, contact me at


Available on "Local" Co-Own

None available at this time.


On occasion I have puppies or young adults that are available on co-ownerships. This allows the dog the opportunity to live in a home with fewer dogs, while still having the option of contributing to my program at a later date, if they mature as hoped. I also have on occasion a retired or semi-retired competition and/or breeding dog who is available to a pet/retirement home. Contact me at for more information.