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Answers to many common questions can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page of this website.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are looking for a Malinois to keep strictly as a family pet, read the FAQ
at the link above regarding my view on Malinois as pets. If you still want a Malinois as strictly
a pet after that, please visit the ABMC website and find a breeder who focuses on conformation/pets or
contact one of the MANY Malinois Rescues such as Woof Project, Malinois Rescue Ranch or ABMR.
Or even take a walk through your local shelter, unfortunately due to the explosion in popularity of the breed,
chances are high you will find a few there.
If you are looking for a Malinois for working or performance purposes, please use the information below to contact me.

You can email me at  If you have NOT filled out a questionnaire yet,
please do so.  This is a requirement prior to initiating phone conversations
regarding possible purchase of a pup.  Due to my work/training/trial schedule
I am MUCH easier to contact via email and suggest you drop me one.
You can also use our Contact Form

We are located in Sunny Southern California (Fallbrook)