Long Jump Construction (FR or MR style)

The following are simple instructions on how to create a Ring style long jump. For portability I make a modified FR/MR style long jump with an FR style key and frame, and bungees between the frame instead of PVC pipes. These directions require only the basic tools, a saw to cut the PVC and drill to make some holes. My jump is made from 3/4 and 1 inch pipe, you can go bigger or smaller if desired as long as the smaller pipe slides easily into the bigger one.
NOTE: 1m = 39.37in. To make life easy I have rounded up to 40in, to make a regulation FR or MR jump you will need to take the metric measurements into account and adjust these plans accordingly. Also keep in mind that the joints, elbows, etc add some length to the overall dimensions, so the pipe is cut a little shorter than expected to compensate for this.

Parts List:
5 – 3/4 in pvc pipes, 10 feet long
3 – 1 in pvc pipes, 10 feet long
2 – 90 degree 3/4 inch elbows
6 – 90 degree 1 inch elbows
8 – 3/4 inch T joints (feet)
4 – 3/4 inch T joints (key)
8 – 1 inch T joints
1 – tarp at least 4 foot wide and 8 feet long, 2 if you plan to make a storage bag
1 – 4 inch high board: a 2×4, piece of trim, thick PVC pipe, etc can all work 80 inches long
rope or bungee cords that can stretch to 40 inches and 80 inches for the key

FR Style Jump
14 – 1/2 inch PVC
1 – can red spray paint
1 – can white spray paint

MR Style Jump
10 – bungee cords in various colors, stretch up to 4 ft, with large or bendable hooks to fit over 1in pipe.

Cut 3 of the 3/4 inch pipes into 76 inch pieces. Using 2 of the 90 degree elbows attach the pieces to create a U shape. Repeat the process with the 1 inch pipe. Slide the smaller U into the bigger U, this is your frame.

Cut 4 2 inch pieces from the remaining 1 inch PVC pipe. Cut 4 of the 1 inch T joints as shown in the diagram. Put a cut T joint and an uncut T joint on each end of the 2 inch pieces, then snap the cut joint onto the 1 inch frame pipe at each end of the side pipes. Repeat the process with the 3/4 inch pipe, cutting 1 to 2 of the 2 inch pieces off the end of each of the leftovers. You want to leave your leftover pieces at least 38 inches long. Use the 2 inch pieces to create 4 feet for the 3/4 inch portion of the frame. Put 2 on the front of the frame, and leave the remaining 2 to be used when the frame is pulled out at longer lengths. If you have any problems with your frame sagging make more feet and attach then where needed.

To make the key cut the remaining 2 10 foot pieces of PVC down to 75 inches long. Then cut each of those into 3rds (25 inches). Take 4 of the 3/4 inch leftover pipes and cut them into 38 inch sections. Assemble these into the key as shown below. Fold the tarp over the key and using bungee cords or rope “stitch” the back side. If you have a sewing machine using two tarps or a heavy duty fabric sew a sleeve that will slide over the key. This can also serve as a storage bag for the entire jump when it’s not in use or is being transported. For a more formal looking FR style jump, paint a 4 inch wide stripe around the outer edge of the key on the tarp.

There are a number of ways you can set up your key. For mine I have taken left over PVC, cut a small notch in the end of 2 equal length pieces and I use those to prop up the key to the height desired. The notched end goes against the key to keep it from slipping off. This allows the key to fall down if the dog hits it, but also allows me to easily adjust the height of the key, making it competition height or higher for training. I have multiple heights of support pieces so I can make it just a little higher than normal, or really high, as needed. Plywood cut into a half circle or triangle and attached to the edge of the key so it can tilt on impact also works.

Once the jump is complete, pull out the frame and measure off the required distances, and mark them on the 3/4 inch pipe with a permanent marker.

For an FR style jump cut the 1/2 inch PVC down to 84 inches (minimum 80, max whatever you want) and paint them alternating red and white in 20cm (approx 8in) bands of color. For the MR style jump attach the bungee cords as needed on the frame.

© 2012 Kadi Thingvall

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