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Date Uploaded Approx
Faceboo Solo  Some environmental training with Solo at the PSA club 2019-04-03 5.00yrs
Faceboo Solo  Obedience with distractions, prepping for PSA2 and 3 2019-04-03 5.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Search games with Solo in a cargo container 2019-02-18 5.00yrs
YouTube Solo  PSA1 Mock Trial performance with a passing score. Hosted by GSPSA 2019-01-28 4.00yrs
YouTube Solo  PSA1 trial routine at the Golden State PSA Club 2018-09-30 4.80yrs
YouTube Solo  PSA PDC protection routine at the SouthBay Working Dogs PSA trial. Judge Mike Wandell 2018-09-02 4.70yrs
YouTube Solo  Introduction to muzzle fighting, this was Solo first time 2018-02-20 4.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Obedience with decoy distractions and some basic bitework 2017-11-26 4.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Obedience with distractions and bitework for PSA 2017-11-14 4.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Helping teach a new decoy leg technique at the PSA club 2017-09-19 3.50yrs
YouTube Solo  PSA PDC Mock Trial 2017-08-21 3.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Adding decoy and environmental distractions in obedience 2017-06-07 3.00yrs
Youtube Solo  Solos first car jacking scenarios plus practicing the escort and some passive bites 2017-05-22 3.00yrs
Youtube Solo  Introduction Solo to upper body (sleeve) bites and some environmental distractions 2017-02-23 3.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Introducing Solo to a PSA style drive 2017-01-31 3.00yrs
Youtube Solo  Beginning long jump training, 3.5m 2016-12-12 3.00yrs
IG Solo  Solo helping to break in the new Belgian Ring suit 2016-12-10 2.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Solo working on the guard of object and face attack technique 2016-10-03 2.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Some environmental bite work in a shed with Solo, 1st time in the shed 2016-07-06 2.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Starting Solo on some blind searches, working that hunt drive 2016-07-06 2.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Obedience with Solo - heeling, retrieve, change of positions, long down 2016-06-16 2.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Working some basic protection sport exericses with IRS 2016-04-27 2.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Solo jumping a 1.2 meter (approx 4 foot) hurdle 2015-12-21 2.00yrs
Youtube Solo  Solo first time on the bungee, 3rd time in the suit 2015-12-16 2.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Teaching rear end awareness for the change of positions 2015-06-11 1.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Beginning bitework with IRS 2015-06-11 1.50yrs