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Date Uploaded Approx
YouTube Ares  Ares PSA3 routine, he failed due to an unauthorized bite, but he nailed that retrieve 🙂 2021-02-28 9.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares second PSA2 leg under judge Darryl Richey at the Colorado Canine Classic 2020-08-09 8.90yrs
IG Ares  New odor for Ares, and a blind search for me 2020-07-26 8.75yrs
Instagr Ares  Nose work class, blind searches with a new odor on the wall 2020-05-15 9.00yrs
Instagr Ares  Nose work class with Ares 2020-05-01 9.00yrs
Instagr Ares  Doing some nose work with Ares in the shed while its a mess from being cleaned out 2020-05-01 8.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Change of positions in a crate while decoys carry it around. Prepping for PSA3 2020-03-10 8.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Working on teaching an indication behavior with Ares for nosework 2020-03-03 8.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Playing with the change of positions 2020-02-12 8.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Working some scent puzzles in the shed 2020-02-03 8.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares first PSA2 leg. Score 85.5-Obed/207-Prot Host U-Tang PSA Club 2019-09-21 7.90yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares doing part of a PSA3 obedience routine at the decoy camp hosted by Golden State PSA Club 2019-03-18 7.00yrs
YouTube Ares  PSA2 mock trial routine at the Golden State PSA Club 2018-09-28 6.90yrs
YouTube Ares  PSA1 routine at the Golden State PSA Club trial 2018-09-28 6.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Introduction to muzzle fighting with Ares 2018-02-20 6.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Fun at the PSA club, take down with Jess 2017-05-17 5.00yrs
Youtube Ares  Working obedience with decoy distractions for PSA 2017-02-23 5.00yrs
IG Ares  Ares helping to break in the new Belgian Ring suit 2016-12-10 5.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Practicing the Mondioring little wood 2016-09-27 4.80yrs
Youtube Ares  Searching for a ball in a shed 2016-07-19 4.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Some environmental bite work in a shed with Ares 2016-06-27 4.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares practicing the food refusal with some chicken distractions 2016-04-21 4.00yrs
Youtube Ares  Ares NADF1 protection routine at the NorCalK9 trial in Oakley CA. 1st Place NADF1 and High in Trial Obedience 2016-04-03 4.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares first time muzzle fighting 2016-02-17 4.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares working obedience under distraction for NADF/PSA style competitions 2016-01-25 4.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares FRIII routine, score 331.2/400 Judge: Rick Maples Decoys: Darshan Herran and Kraig Guay Host: Independent Ringers South 2015-09-05 3.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares FRIII Obedience and Jumps routine from the IRN FR trial in Lodi CA 2015-06-07 3.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Training the Guard of Object with Chris Vaughn 2015-04-28 3.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Bite development with Chris Vaughn at Absolute K9 Solutions 2015-04-27 3.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Working on the escort position with Ares at the Ring club 2015-04-06 3.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares practicing the FRIII jumps, 1.2m hurdle, 2.3m palisade, 4.5m long jump 2015-01-14 3.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares practicing the FRIII hurdle in slow motion at 1.3m, 0.1m over maximum 2015-01-14 3.00yrs
You Tub Ares  Ares - FRII Routine at the Copper State Ring Club trial in Cave Creek AZ. Judge John Bayreuther 256.8/300, 2nd place 2014-08-16 2.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares FR Brevet, 93.4/100 2nd place. Judge: Richard Bonilla Decoy: Adrian Mendez 2014-07-12 2.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Working on the Mondio Ring Defense of Handler with Jimmy Vanhove and Chris Rice 2014-05-19 2.30yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares practicing the change of positions with distractions 2014-03-22 2.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares training for French Ring. Blind Search, Escort, Guard of Object, Attack with Gun, Defense of Handler and Flee. 2012-08-26 9.0mths
YouTube Ares  Ares - working on tuck for the basic heel position 2012-08-20 7.8mths
YouTube Ares  Ares - 7 months, working the Ringsport escort 2012-06-23 7.2mths
YouTube Ares  Ares - 7 months working the retrieve 2012-06-23 7.2mths
YouTube Ares  Ares - 6 months old working on the blind search, bark and hold, and escort 2012-05-14 6.0mths
YouTube Ares  Ares - 6 month old Malinois obedience training 2012-05-14 6.0mths
YouTube Ares  Ares 5m old, working the defense of handler 2012-04-20 5.4mths
YouTube Ares  Ares - 5 months old working on the blind search and guard of object 2012-04-15 5.4mths
YouTube Ares  5 month old learning the Guard of Object for Mondio Ring and French Ring with John Garcia 2012-04-07 4.8mths
YouTube Ares  Ares learning the Mondioring "little wood" exercise 2012-03-03 4.0mths
YouTube Ares  Ares playing fetch and some environmental exposure on a rainy day 2012-01-23 2.4mths
YouTube Ares  Ares working on "object" (for the guard of object), sit, stand, down and retrieves 2008-06-15 3.8mths