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Date Uploaded Approx
FB Switch  Switch doing some heeling at the IPO club 2019-08-28 12.0mths
FB Teagan  Teagan MR obedience 2019-08-28 2.00yrs
FB Teagan  Teagans highlight reel from the Kees seminar in OH 2019-08-28 2.00yrs
YouTube Paprika  1st obedience session 2019-08-08 1.8mths
FB Keres  6 months old, retrieve with an environmental twist 2018-02-26 6.0mths
YouTube Solo  Obedience with decoy distractions and some basic bitework 2017-11-26 4.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Obedience with distractions and bitework for PSA 2017-11-14 4.00yrs
FB Gypsy  Hurdle foundation training with Gypsy, 2 months old 2017-10-22 2.4mths
YouTube Solo  Adding decoy and environmental distractions in obedience 2017-06-07 3.00yrs
Instagr Lonely  9 weeks old, first obedience session 2017-04-12 1.8mths
Youtube Ares  Working obedience with decoy distractions for PSA 2017-02-23 5.00yrs
YouTube Ezzard  IPOIII Obedience at the 2016 SW Regionals 2016-12-08 4.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Obedience with Solo - heeling, retrieve, change of positions, long down 2016-06-16 2.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares practicing the food refusal with some chicken distractions 2016-04-21 4.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares working obedience under distraction for NADF/PSA style competitions 2016-01-25 4.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Teaching rear end awareness for the change of positions 2015-06-11 1.50yrs
YouTube Ferbinator  Retrieves through water and some hunt work 2014-11-23 1.50yrs
YouTube Ferbinator  Random obedience and tricks with Ferb 2014-08-10 1.25yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares practicing the change of positions with distractions 2014-03-22 2.00yrs
YouTube Ezzard  IPO II obedience routine 2014-02-08 3.00yrs
YouTube Ferbinator  Puppy obedience with Ferb 2013-09-16 3.0mths
YouTube Ares  Ares - working on tuck for the basic heel position 2012-08-20 7.8mths
YouTube Ares  Ares - 7 months working the retrieve 2012-06-23 7.2mths
YouTube Ares  Ares - 6 month old Malinois obedience training 2012-05-14 6.0mths
YouTube Kilo  Kilo - 2.5 m working on object/place 2012-05-06 2.4mths
YouTube Kilo  Kilo - 2.5m working on basic obedience 2012-05-05 2.4mths
YouTube Ezzard  Ezzard and Dave doing some obedience, Ezzard is 4.5 months old 2011-11-05 4.8mths
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus competing in her first AKC Rally trial. 98/100 and 2nd place in a class of 14. 2011-10-22 5.00yrs
YouTube Ezzard  Ezzard working on Schutzhund obedience 2011-10-15 3.6mths
YouTube Tweak  Working on some obedience 2011-10-14 2.00yrs
YouTube Cali  Cali retrieves a peanut butter and honey sandwich, just because she can 🙂 No chewing or eating, at least until I gave it to her at the end 2010-06-21 11.00yrs
YouTube Luigi  David and Luigis obedience routine from the 2010 SW Regional Championships (they won) with a score of 99 points 2010-03-24 4.00yrs
YouTube Luigi  David and Luigis obedience routine from the 2010 SW Regional Championships from a different angle, with a score of 99 points 2010-03-24 4.00yrs
YouTube Poe  Poe working on obedience at MCWD 2009-09-22 2.25yrs
YouTube Poe  Poe working on heel position 2009-08-16 2.00yrs
YouTube Kita  Working on heeling with Kita 2009-05-23 1.50yrs
YouTube Onya  Onya working on obedience for PSA, heeling, motion exercises, some agility obstacles, etc. 2008-11-08 1.50yrs
YouTube Luigi  Luigi's Obedience Routine at the 2008 AWMA Championships. Score of 86pts 2008-09-27 2.90yrs
YouTube Lestat  Lestat and Danni working on some heeling and handler footwork. 2008-09-06 2.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares working on "object" (for the guard of object), sit, stand, down and retrieves 2008-06-15 3.8mths
YouTube Fawkes  Fawkes practicing water retrieves 2008-04-25 12.0mths
YouTube Luigi  Luigi's BH routine, all the heeling and motion exercises, just missing the long down. 2007-06-30 1.80yrs
YouTu Jazz  Jazz during her puppy graduation. 2007-02-02 3.6mths
YouTube Lynx  Lynx at 1 year old practicing some obedience. 2006-09-22 12.0mths