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Date Uploaded Approx
YouTube Bella  "Big Air Bella" learns how to do dock diving 2009-08-25 3.00yrs
YouTube Bella  Bella, AKA Big Air Bella, and Todd competing in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge 2009-08-09 3.00yrs
YouTube Bella  Bella ("Big Air Bella") and Todd at Woofstock 2009 2009-04-18 3.00yrs
YouTube Bella  Bella ("Big Air Bella") and Todd at Woofstock 2009 demo #2 2009-04-18 3.00yrs
YouTube Bella  Bella AKA Big Air Bella has her own song 🙂 2009-04-11 3.00yrs
YouTube Bella  Todd and Bella 2009 Paws in the Park 2008-06-15 3.00yrs
YouTube Bella  Canine Companions for Independence disk dog demonstration. 2008-04-14 2.00yrs