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Date Uploaded Approx
YouTube Neo  Neo FR Brevet 95.05/100 judge Chad Hunter decoy Miles Narnor host Marvel K9 Ringsport Club 2020-01-18 2.50yrs
Faceboo Hagler  Brevet dog in white 2019-01-10 1.60yrs
YouTube Bita  Bita's second leg of FRI Hosted by: Les Amis Ring Sports Judge: Pierre-Yves Secretain Decoys: Roman Behaeghel, Desi Micheal 2018-07-29 2.00yrs
Faceboo Mali  Mal bitework at 9 months old 2018-05-23 9.0mths
FB Hagler  Bitework training with Hagler at SOAR, 9 months old 2018-02-22 9.6mths
FB Hagler  Bitework training with Hagler, 9 months old 2018-02-22 9.6mths
YouTube Solo  Solo working on the guard of object and face attack technique 2016-10-03 2.50yrs
Youtube Raptor  1996 NARA Championships protection routine 2016-06-30 3.00yrs
YouTube Storm  Storm and some French Ring training. Hurdle, change of positions, face attack, defense of handler, guard affirme, search and escort and guard of object. 2015-12-21 1.70yrs
Youtube Solo  Solo first time on the bungee, 3rd time in the suit 2015-12-16 2.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares FRIII routine, score 331.2/400 Judge: Rick Maples Decoys: Darshan Herran and Kraig Guay Host: Independent Ringers South 2015-09-05 3.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Beginning bitework with IRS 2015-06-11 1.50yrs
YouTube Fawkes  Fawkes FRI protection routine 2015-06-10 8.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares FRIII Obedience and Jumps routine from the IRN FR trial in Lodi CA 2015-06-07 3.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Training the Guard of Object with Chris Vaughn 2015-04-28 3.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Working on the escort position with Ares at the Ring club 2015-04-06 3.50yrs
You Tub Ares  Ares - FRII Routine at the Copper State Ring Club trial in Cave Creek AZ. Judge John Bayreuther 256.8/300, 2nd place 2014-08-16 2.50yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares FR Brevet, 93.4/100 2nd place. Judge: Richard Bonilla Decoy: Adrian Mendez 2014-07-12 2.50yrs
YouTube Wicked  Basic French Ring bitework 2014-03-09 3.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Ares training for French Ring. Blind Search, Escort, Guard of Object, Attack with Gun, Defense of Handler and Flee. 2012-08-26 9.0mths
YouTube Ares  Ares - 7 months, working the Ringsport escort 2012-06-23 7.2mths
YouTube Ares  Ares - 6 months old working on the blind search, bark and hold, and escort 2012-05-14 6.0mths
YouTube Ares  Ares 5m old, working the defense of handler 2012-04-20 5.4mths
YouTube Ares  Ares - 5 months old working on the blind search and guard of object 2012-04-15 5.4mths
YouTube Ares  5 month old learning the Guard of Object for Mondio Ring and French Ring with John Garcia 2012-04-07 4.8mths
YouTube Ares(1)  Ares French Ring Brevet, High in Trial 93.9/100 judge Yves Billat 2011-09-04 5.00yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita - working on the search and bark, then escort. Started it for FR, changing to to MR so learning the decoy won't escape from the blind 2011-01-15 3.00yrs
YouTube Vali  Vali doing some basic foundation work with Adrian Centeno 2011-01-10 9.0mths
YouTube Kita  Kita - practicing the 1.2m hurdle in training, and clearing it with ease 2010-12-03 3.00yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita's FRI routine from the Extreme Ring Dogs trial in Valley Center CA. Judge: Michel Valladon Decoys: Josh McCleary and Mike Porter 2010-09-05 2.50yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita - FRI 191.7/200 Judge Shannon Nieuwkoop, Decoys Matt Nieuwkoop and Adrian Centeno 2010-07-15 2.50yrs
YouTube Lilly  Lilly - training at 8 months old 2010-05-31 8.4mths
YouTube Rica  Rica's second FRI leg, judge Rick Maples, host club BARC 2010-05-16 2.00yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita - FR Brevet 95.2 points and 1st place Judge: Rick Maples Decoy: Adrian Centeno Location: Ryde CA BARC Trial 2010-05-15 2.00yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita's first attempt at a Brevet, 84/100 points but NQ due to loss of over 80% of the points in the Defense of Handler. Judge: Rick Maples Location: Seabeck WA 2010-04-18 2.00yrs
YouTube Rous  Rous - FRI routine, 179,1/200 and second place FRI Judge: Shannon Nieuwkoop Location: Seabeck WA 2010-04-17 2.00yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita doing obedience at the French Ring club 2010-04-10 2.00yrs
YouTube Extra  Extra - 6 months old, out in the field on the long bungee for the first time 2010-04-07 6.0mths
YouTube Mac  Mac vs Matt Nieuwkoop and Manuel Montero at the 2009 NARA Decoy Super Selection 2010-01-04 5.50yrs
YouTube Chaos  Chaos vs Manuel Montero in the 2009 NARA Championships Decoy Super Selection. Face attack and guard of object. 2009-12-30 7.50yrs
YouTube Havok  Havok - FRI - 2009 NARA National Championships Judge: Camille Tisserand Decoys: Manuel Montero and Waleed Maalouf 2009-11-11 5.50yrs
YouTube Halligan  Halligan winning the EZ Regional FRI Championships under judge Philippe Touy 2009-10-13 3.00yrs
YouTube Halligan  Halligan's second leg of FRI 2009-09-12 3.00yrs
YouTube Enzo  "Enzo" - FRIII Routine at the 1996 NARA Championships Judge: Serge Ocard Decoys: Lionel Ocard and Dave Ellery 2009-05-21 4.50yrs
YouTube Crash  Crash and Michael Brevet routine, judge Richard Bonilla, Decoy Manuel Montero 2009-05-21 5.00yrs
YouTube Enzo  "Enzo" - FRIII Routine at the Washington Defense Dog Club 07/15/1998 2009-05-20 6.50yrs
YouTube Havok  Havok - FRI performance at the ERC trial, it was an NQ score due to creeping in the positions and multiple out commands 2009-05-18 5.00yrs
YouTube Halligan  Halligan - FRI routine at the Empire Ring Club trial in New York, judge Luigi Ricci 2009-05-18 2.70yrs
YouTube Mac  Mac - FRIII routine from the April 2009 BARC trial with judge Rick Maples and decoys Josh McCleary and Jason Farrish 2009-05-12 4.50yrs
YouTube Peron  Peron at 15 months working on the Face Attack and Defense of Handler for French Ring 2009-02-18 1.25yrs
YouTube Havok  Havok working on the Face Attack entry technique with Philippe Belloni 2009-02-17 4.80yrs
YouTube Mac  Mac - French Ring III performance Judge Philippe Touy Decoys Manuel Montero and Dwayne Baker Host Club So Cal All Breed Ringers Riverside CA Feb 1, 2009 2009-02-01 4.50yrs
YouTube Chaos  Chaos - French Ring III performance, first leg of the title. Judge Philippe Touy Decoys Manuel Montero and Dwayne Baker Host Club So Cal All Breed Ringers 2009-02-01 6.80yrs
YouTube Chaos  Chaos - FRIII trial at SCABR Feb 2008 2008-12-05 6.00yrs
YouTube Rica  Rica - 9 months old training for French Ring. First time on the bungee, working on entries and the out/recall 2008-12-03 9.4mths
YouTube Halligan  Halligan passes his Brevet with a 90.6 2008-07-18 1.90yrs
YouTube Ares(1)  Ares training for French Ring, face, defense, attack with gun and call off. 2008-07-12 2.00yrs
YouTube Guido  Guido - basic French Ring training 2008-07-12 2.00yrs
YouTube Halligan  Halligan's first Brevet attempt. He earned an 83.5 but NQ due to point loss on the defense. 2008-06-01 1.80yrs
YouTube Tuff  Working on the Face Attack for French Ring, training/BBQ day at J. Turri's 2008-04-28 3.00yrs
WMV Mac  Mac working on entry technique with the traffic cones, face and attack with gun. 2008-02-15 3.60yrs
YouTube Bella  Todd and Bella working on more of their frisbee moves. 2007-12-31 1.80yrs
Google Bella  Bella and Todd practicing some of their frisbee moves. 2007-12-28 1.80yrs
YouTube Mac  Portions of "the Mouths" FRII routine 2007-11-16 3.40yrs
YouTube Mac  Protection routine from Mac's second FRI competition, decoys Fernando Dosta and Christophe Le Neouanic 2007-09-28 3.20yrs
YouTube Echo  Echo cross training for FR competition 2007-09-16 5.00yrs
YouTube Mac  Mac training for French Ring 2007-09-16 3.20yrs
YouTube Kira  Kira and Kelson doing some face attacks. 2007-07-25 2.30yrs
YouTube Fric  Fric during a French Ring Demo performing parts of the FRIII routine. Video taken shortly after he was imported to the US. 2007-07-15 4.00yrs
YouTube Gidget  Gidget (puppy name Ikey), from Flip's first litter, doing some tug work with a friend 2007-07-15 6.0mths
YouTube BB(1)  BB, from Flip's first litter, doing tug work with a friend 2007-07-15 6.0mths
YouTube Alpha  Alpha, from Flip's first litter, doing some basic tug work with a friend 2007-07-15 6.0mths
YouTube Banzi  Banzai doing open field lure coursing. This was a fund raiser at an FR trial. Video was taken in 1999. 2007-07-12 1.20yrs
YouTube Mac  Mac doing some FR training at night, face, flee, defense, gun guard. Video was taken 03/07. 2007-06-25 3.00yrs
YouTube Sophie (N)  Sophie at 7 months old training for French Ring. 2007-06-07 7.2mths
YouTube Aires  Aires doing some French Ring training (obed and bites) at 6 months of age. 2007-05-19 6.0mths
YouTube Sophie (N)  Sophie's 2nd time working with decoy for french ring sport, 6.5 months old. 2007-05-17 6.6mths
YouTube Havok  Havok's FR Brevet performance. It was a squeaker, but he passed with 80.5 2007-04-29 2.80yrs
YouTu Havok  Some basic FR training, face and defense of handler. 2007-04-06 3.00yrs
YouTu Mac  Mac's FR Brevet performance, he earned 98.3/100 points, HIT over 13 other dogs. 2007-03-03 2.70yrs
WMV Chaos  Protection portion of Chaos FRII routine at the 2006 NARA Championships. Perfect scores in Face, Flee, and Defense. -1 pt on the Gun Attack. 2006-10-30 4.60yrs
WMV Chaos  Chaos FRI routine at the BARC trial 4/29/06 All exercises are included, although some (heeling, long down, etc) have been clipped to shorten the overall video. 2006-05-08 4.10yrs
YouTube Loki  Photos and Video from 2 FRI competitions, flee and attack with gun 2006-05-03 2.70yrs
YouTube Enzo  Enzo doing a guard of object during a competition - Long video, will take awhile to download 2004-01-03 4.00yrs
YouTube Enzo  Enzo doing a guard of object during a competition Long video, will take awhile to download 2004-01-03 5.00yrs