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Date Uploaded Approx
YouTube Patty  Patty having some fun with Chris V. 1st bitework session 2019-01-03 6.00yrs
YouTube Riley  her very first takedown, we are all so proud 🙂 7 months old 2018-02-05 7.2mths
YouTube Neo  Fun with sends 7 months old 2018-02-05 7.2mths
YouTube Ezzard  Ezzard 2018 SW Regional Championships IPO3 protection routine 2018-01-22 6.00yrs
YouTube Neo  Neo - first time doing a car jacking 2018-01-08 7.2mths
YouTube Dace  Long bite during a Ringsport seminar, 7 months old 2018-01-05 7.2mths
Youtube Solo  Solos first car jacking scenarios plus practicing the escort and some passive bites 2017-05-22 3.00yrs
Youtube Solo  Introduction Solo to upper body (sleeve) bites and some environmental distractions 2017-02-23 3.00yrs
YouTube Sam  Guard of Object 2017-02-18 5.00yrs
Faceboo Sievert  new place, new decoy, doing some basic bitework and grip development 2017-01-31 6.0mths
Youtube Echo  Some environmental fun with Echo, and one of his first times on the legs 2016-12-19 3.00yrs
Youtube Brits  NVBK Championships 2016-12-19 5.00yrs
YouTube Ezzard  IPOIII Protection at the 2016 SW Regional 2016-12-08 4.00yrs
YouTube Nero  Nero during a OPD K9 demonstration 2016-07-23 5.00yrs
YouTube CJ  CJ doing some bitework, exposing her to yelling decoys and other evironmental stressors 2016-07-11 3.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Some environmental bite work in a shed with Solo, 1st time in the shed 2016-07-06 2.50yrs
YouTube Ferbinator  Some environmental bite work in a shed with Ferb 2016-06-27 3.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Some environmental bite work in a shed with Ares 2016-06-27 4.50yrs
YouTube Ferbinator  Basic bitework with Ferb at the Ring club. 2016-06-13 3.00yrs
YouTube Lory  Lory doing some FR training and environmental fun, video from 2000/2001 2016-06-09 5.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Working some basic protection sport exericses with IRS 2016-04-27 2.50yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus EL Protection routine, she earned Excellents in all exercises, 1st place NADF EL, and High in Trial Protection. 2016-04-03 9.50yrs
Youtube Ares  Ares NADF1 protection routine at the NorCalK9 trial in Oakley CA. 1st Place NADF1 and High in Trial Obedience 2016-04-03 4.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus first PPD competition, the 2016 Winter Rumble Protection Dog Tournament. 3rd place in both intermediate and advanced. 2016-03-14 9.20yrs
Instagr Ezzard  IPOIII long bite at the 2016 SW Regional, part 1, where he tore the sleeve off the helper on the long bite 2016-02-23 4.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus doing a car jacking, bitework, and first time in the muzzle 2016-02-14 9.00yrs
YouTube Jasper  Jasper doing some basic puppy bitework 2016-01-25 3.6mths
YouTube Wicked  Wicked showing off her grips at the French Ring club 2015-07-27 5.00yrs
YouTube Fortino  Fortino takes the decoy down 2015-07-21 2.00yrs
YouTube Wicked  Wicked doing some impromptu bitework at the French Ring club 2015-06-28 4.00yrs
YouTube Ares  Bite development with Chris Vaughn at Absolute K9 Solutions 2015-04-27 3.50yrs
FaceBoo Isis  2nd time at the French Ring club, starting some basic bitework 2014-12-22 10.8mths
YouTube Ezzard  IPO II protection routine 2014-02-08 3.00yrs
YouTube Tweak  Puppy bitework 2011-10-14 12.0mths
Youtube Turcodos Van De Duvetorre  Turcodos training in Europe 2010-12-19 5.00yrs
YouTube Balzac  Balzac doing some environmental stuff at a local pub, 4 months old, Balzac is from Lilly x Arras 2010-01-02 4.8mths
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus doing some environmental training with Josh Z. 2009-12-08 3.00yrs
YouTube Gidget  Gidget doing some environmental training with Josh Z. 2009-12-08 2.50yrs
YouTube Mac  Mac doing some environmental training with Josh Z. 2009-12-08 5.50yrs
YouTube Echo  Lock-it, Nexxus, Echo and Mac doing some environmental training with Josh Z. 2009-12-08 4.00yrs
YouTube Cali  Cali - Environmental Bitework when she was 6 and some Muzzle work when she was 9 2009-09-15 9.00yrs
YouTube Havok  Havok doing some environmental work 2009-07-28 5.00yrs
YouTube Pax  Paxx doing some environmental work 2009-07-28 1.60yrs
WMV Pax  Paxx - Civil agitation 2009-03-19 1.25yrs
WMV Pax  Paxx - Bitework with some different accessories (a bat) 2009-03-19 1.25yrs
YouTube Pax  Paxx - compilation of training video including photos, face attack, environmental work, muzzle work and some basic scenarios 2009-03-07 1.25yrs
YouTube Kira  Ouch!!! 2009-03-04 3.80yrs
WMV Pax  Paxx - introduction to some environmental work and PP scenarios 2009-03-03 1.25yrs
YouTube Draco  Draco (Nico van Arek a Lory son) doing some suit work 2008-09-04 5.00yrs
YouTube Havok  Environmental work at a training day/BBQ at J. Turri's 2008-04-28 4.00yrs
YouTube Onya  Environmental work at a training day/BBQ at J. Turri's 2008-04-28 12.0mths
YouTube Flip  Basic bitework with Flip, including some environmental work 2008-04-07 3.00yrs
YouTube Cali  Cali's Greatest Hits - compilation of some of Cali's hits, at least the ones caught on video. Most of the video was taken when she was 8 years old. 2008-03-25 8.90yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita, just a few days before she turned 4 months, doing some environmental introductions with a puppy sleeve. 2008-03-10 4.0mths
YouTube Peron  Peron, just a few days before he turned 4 months, doing some environmental introductions with a puppy sleeve and some suit work 2008-03-10 4.0mths
YouTube Havok  Misc training clips, some environmental work, French Ring training and Schutzhund 2008-02-09 3.40yrs
YouTube Crash  Crash doing bitework during a seminar @ 5 months 2008-02-07 5.4mths
Youtube Zara  Some tug with Zara 2 days after she arrived from Belgium, and some fetch in the back yard 2008-01-01 2.00yrs
YouTube Cali  Cali training decoys in a seminar at 8.5 years old. 2007-08-20 8.30yrs
YouTu Nexxus  Nexxus doing some puppy work during a seminar, she had just turned 4 months that week. 2007-02-18 3.6mths
WMV JaJa  JaJa doing some environmental work at John Ts house, hoola hoops, water, etc. Video taken in 2005. 2006-12-31 5.40yrs
WMV Chaos  Chaos doing some environmental work with D. Hansen 2006-08-07 4.40yrs
WMV Mac  Mac - some environmental work at John Tuuri's BBQ. 2006-08-05 2.10yrs
YouTube Enzo  Working in a metal shed with heavy environmental pressure 2006-03-31 11.00yrs
YouTube Nature  Nature des Ducs du Justemont - Various environmental and other work at 8.5 years old. 2005-11-24 8.50yrs
YouTube Cali  Calice du Dantero - clip from the '05 Gold Coast Working Dog Competition, attack over obstacles 2005-02-16 5.80yrs
YouTube Cali  Calice du Dantero - clip from the '05 Gold Coast Working Dog Competition, passive bite on hidden decoy 2005-02-16 5.80yrs
YouTube Crash  Crash - 13 weeks, playing with the hoola hoop for the first time 2004-09-20 3.6mths
WMV Dodger  Dodger - 6 mnths in a dimly lit room on extremely slick floors. The videographer was also the handler so we missed the initial entry. I lightened the video as much as possible so you can see the action. 2004-09-20 6.0mths
YouTube Raptor  Bitework under decoy/environmental pressure, check out the grips, Raptor was 10 when this video was taken 2003-08-04 10.30yrs
WMV Lory  Lory doing some basic environmental work (first intro to water or the trampoline), a face attack and some jumps. 2001-10-23 6.40yrs