Services and Fees

We currently do NOT have any openings for board and train and are not offering private (one on one) training.

Private Training





The private training package has two options. With the first option the trainer will come to your home to work one on one with you and your dog. This allows you to learn how to work effectively with your dog in the comfort, privacy, and familiar surroundings of your home and immediate neighborhood. The second option requires you traveling to another location for training. You will receive the same quality one on one training, but at a reduced price. Private Training covers basic obedience and problem behaviors.
Currently offering in home dog training visits in Temecula, Murrietta, Fallbrook, Rainbow, Vista, Oceanside, Escondido and the surrounding areas. Park Lessons are conducted at a location in either Fallbrook or the de Luz area.

Private training options include:
• Single Lesson – $125.00, additional fee may apply if travel time to your area exceeds 45 minutes one way
• Private Training Lesson Package – $480.00 four prepaid lessons in your home
• Alternate Location Lesson Package – $250.00 four prepaid lessons in Fallbrook or de Luz CA.
• Semi Private Group Package – 3-5 dogs of current students only for the purpose of advancing training under distraction. Instructor approval required. ($40.00/session).

Lessons are generally one hour in duration and include the hands on training and discussion periods. Puppies may start training as early as eight weeks. Lessons can be scheduled weekly, or once every other week. Lessons are scheduled Monday through Friday (mornings, days, and evenings) by appointment.

Board and Train





Due to my travel schedule for competition and training, we are currently NOT offering board and train.
"Board and Brush-up" and regular boarding are still available, on a limited basis.

Also called "canine boot camp" by some trainers, Board and Train is my most popular training program. Board and Train allows your dog to "live and breathe" the world of dog training. This in-depth educational opportunity involves your dog staying at the trainer's home for one month (30 days) and allows for multiple daily training sessions. This is a customized dog training program covering anything from crate training puppies, basic obedience, socialization, as well as problem behaviors such as aggression, fearfulness, anxiety, off leash training, and more. Two lessons, conducted in your home, are included at the conclusion of the program to teach the owner how to maintain the training. Price: $1500.00

There are three main categories for dogs accepted into Board and Train:

1) Foundation Training – The foundation training program is for puppies (8 weeks to 6 months), and is formulated to start your puppy off right. We teach your puppy to "learn how to learn". Some foundation behaviors include:

• sit
• down
• look – eye contact
• wait – at the doorway, before eating, etc
• leash manners
• play development – appropriate vs. inappropriate biting
• crate training
• correct socialization – with humans and other dogs
• off – no jumping up
• place – go to a designated place and stay there
• drop it – releasing an item in their mouth
• and more !!

2) Basic Training – This option is for the well adjusted dog over the age of six months ready to further their education. Behaviors include:

• sit
• down
• come – coming when called
• look – eye contact
• wait – at the doorway, before eating, etc
• basic manners – greeting people at home and in public
• walking on a leash – heel
• crate training
• staying off furniture, kitchen counters, etc
• load up – getting into a vehicle
• off – no jumping up
• place – go to a designated place and stay there
• leave it – ignore a distraction
• drop it – release an item in their mouth
• and more !!

3) Behavior Modification – Here we work on basic obedience in conjunction with specific targeted behavioral issues. Issues include: anxiety, aggression towards dogs or humans, fearfulness, nuisance barking, and more.

Mini Board and Train





The mini board and train program is for those wishing to focus on a limited number of behaviors in a condensed two week program. This is an on leash, basic obedience course that includes two weeks of board and train plus one follow up lesson. Examples of behaviors that can be worked on are listed above in the Board and Train section. Behavior Modification can also be done during the Mini Board and Train.

The price for MBT is $800.00. If reservations allow, Mini Board and Train can be turned into a full 30 days of Board and Train for an additional $700.00.

Board and Brush-Up





The Board and Brush-Up option is for previous clients who are looking for somewhere to board their dog for a short period of time (3-7 days) while their owners are on vacation. While staying on the Board and Brush-Up program, dogs will receive brush-up sessions on the training they have already received. To address new training needs or behavioral issues, please look into the Board and Train programs. $45.00/day.






Short and long term boarding is available for previous clients. Cost depends on the number of dogs and the duration of the stay, please inquire for more information and availability. Boarding includes daily exercise/play sessions, but does not include any training.

Reservations and Payment





Reservations are generally booked two weeks to one month in advance (minimum), and a maximum of three dogs are accepted into the board and train program at any given time.

To reserve a spot please contact me at or (760) 215-0343 (call or text). A $200.00 deposit is required to reserve space. All Board and Train students are eligible for future "Board and Brush Up" (just $45/night) stays, an option many owners choose to use when going on vacation. Board and Brush Up space is limited with a five day minimum.

Payment is acceptable in the form of cash, check, and credit card and due at the start of your dog's training program. Now accepting credit card payments (Visa, MC, Discover, American Express) for your convenience (2.75% fee applies).