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Danteros Gidget des Contes dHoffmann

Hips x-rayed normal, CERF

About "Gidget"

DOB: 00-00-0000
Breed: Belgian Malinois

Gidget is a high drive girl, with obsessive grips. She constantly wants something in her mouth, and can't get it packed far enough back in there to be satistfied. Very stable, with a happy attitude, her tail is always up and wagging. True to her pedigree, she's very resilient to handler pressure. Athletic, she's an exceptional jumper. Good with the other dogs, but with a dominant streak, so does best with males or less dominant females. She can be a possessive of her toys but does not challenge us over them, just the other dogs. She's a big girl, 24-25 inches and approx 60 lbs.
Gidget has 2 sisters training/titled in MondioRing, a brother training in FR and 3 other littermates who are MWDs in Peru.
Gidget's hips were xrayed 3/02/09 for OFA, however the vet didn't do her elbows, so she'll have to go back at some point to be re-xrayed. 🙁

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