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Ace P.I.



DOB: 00-00-0000

Ace is a strong dog with solid character, fast in obedience and protection. Bites full and hard, has high food and ball drive. No dog or animal aggression, Ace lives happily with a bird and some cats. Ace is a medium/large male (70 lbs) but also the smallest male in his litter.
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MR Attack with Accessories
MR Defense of Handler
Ace's Pedigree

HH du Dantero

Diary Offspring Photos Videos

Bogan des Ombres Valeureux - MRIII, FRII Dexter du Clos d'Ypsi - FRIII OFA Good, elbows normal, CERF Lobo du Clos Champcheny - FRIII, MRIII Ely des Loups Mutins - Ring 3 fin. 93'15. sel. 96
Hitée du Clos Champcheny
Ypsilon du Boscaille Saxe du Boscaille
Unknown (not in DB) -
Orphee du Domaine des Selgneurs Unknown (not in DB) - Unknown (not in DB) -
Unknown (not in DB) -
Unknown (not in DB) - Unknown (not in DB) -
Unknown (not in DB) -
CH Dice P.I. - CD Chico Aub Hmoob Ori du Boscaille Kim du Boscaille
Jana du Boscaille
Centella Von De Perez Unknown (not in DB) -
Layla von Christel OFA Good
Alluring Nikita - FRIII, MRIII Int, Mex CH Duc du Creux Thatcher - FR III selectifs, Ch Tr, MRIII, Pistage A and B(tracking), TT, CAC, CACIB, French Beauty rating of 'Excellent', French Import OFA Good, CERF Atos - FRIII
Ariane du Creux Thatcher
Quilly Du Moulin de Tombroek Mango du Moulin de Tombroek
Kaline du Moulin de Tombroek

5 Generation Pedigree