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Fric des Bergers Vaillants

FRIII, TT, French Import

About "Fric"

DOB: Jun 25, 1990
Breed: Belgian Malinois

Fric is a medium sized dog with substantial bone. He has nice drives, and will work in both prey and civily. He's is very stable, and social. Loves to meet people and has no dog aggression issues.

Fric was bred once in France before being imported to the US. His son Idoc des Trevires - FRIII was in the 1998 Selectifs. His daughter Idyl des Trevires is the dam of:
Lark des Trévires MRIII fin. 01, 02, WM 02, Cpg 3 , FRIII
Lewis des Trévires - MRIII, Championnat de France MondioRing 1999, 2000, 2001
Logan des Trévires FRIII, MRII, Obe II, SG - V
Ouston des Trévires - 3rd place, Echelon 1, 2003 MR Championships
Macho des Trévires - MRIII, MR Championships 01,02,03
Moka des Trévires - MRIII, MR Championships 01,02,03

Fric's pedigree reads like a "who's who" of top FR and MR dogs. His dam Bea has produced numerous Coupe competitors and Selectifs dogs. Some of his half brothers include Dusty du Clos de Savoie, Dan du Clos de Savoie, Gotha des Bergers Vaillants, and Elite des Bergers Vaillants. Fric's sister Ella is the dam of Marvin - FRIII, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Coupe finalist and Maitouck - FRIII, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Coupe finalist, 2001 winner. Another sister, Eligie produced the dog Nach, Sch/IPOIII, FRII, 2003, 2004 BSD World Championships competitor. Fric's sire has also produced numerous SchIII and FRIII dogs. Fric produced 2 litters in the US. The first "disappeared" into homes that "planned to work them, but just never did". The second litter was my C litter du Dantero.

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C du Dantero

Veet Du Calvaire aux Acacias - FRIII B.Tr. G'Vitou des Deux Pottois Cartouche Castor vom Kronenburg
Lis (Nvbk)
Josque Dick II
Linda (NVBK)
Roxane du Calvaire aux Acacias Olaf - Ring 3 fin. 84 Ch. Fr. Tr. Zhadave - FRIII
Orlane Amos
Bea du Creux Thatcher - dam of over 25 FRIII's and multiple Coupe competitors Ch Tr. Robin de la Fontaine du Buis - FRIII, Finalist 84,85,86,87,88 HD-A Mutin de la Fontaine du Buis - FRIII, Finalist 81 Ch Tr Urgo de Turenfels - FRIII, fin. 73,74,75
CH Tr. Utha de Ventadour - Ring 3 fin. 75'16. 76'18. 77'11.
Nelia de la Fontaine du Buis Jony du Conte de la Ribeaupierre - FRIII, fin. 75,76,77,78,79,80,81
Jalla de la Fontaine du Buis
Uranie de la Noaillerie Bicou - PH1 Traf (284947)
Zulmilia (360442)
Orcia des Sentiers de Lupierre Vicqy du Faubourg des Postes - FRIII
Ysis du Boscaille

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