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Giltedge Pixie

About "Pixie"

DOB: May 23, 2005
Breed: Belgian Malinois

"Pixie", is the newest addition to Dantero Kennels. She's a very cocky pup, with a lot of drive, full grips, and very high energy level. Nice structure, shorter back than I generally see on working dogs. She'll be training for French Ring, and dabble in other performance events. I will be filling out her pedigree more as I aquire more information. Although most people think of Pixies as small and cute, which she is, they can also have a prankster streak, which she does 🙂

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Rindy AKA Scorpion - FRI A'Tim - BR1, BR CH 03, Vice CH 02, Koerung 3 HD A Rakky Warre v/h Resterhof
Zukarine Tom v. 'T Muizenbos - Nat.Kamp.Cat.3Ring'93
Geisa du Plein la Gueule
Ma - ardan du Domaine de la Rocheliere Loubo du Boscaille Unknown (not in DB) -
Unknown (not in DB) -
Garcone de la Noaillerie Unknown (not in DB) -
Unknown (not in DB) -
Giltedge Vianca of Dovre Fjeld Dovre Fjeld Valy OFA Exc, elbows normal Jeno I De Mallassagne Unknown (not in DB) -
Unknown (not in DB) -
Lucrece De Mallassagne Quantrau
Elissa de Mallassagne
Dovre Fjeld ??? Dovre Fjeld Vasco - BRI, Krung 3 HD/A Unknown (not in DB) -
Unknown (not in DB) -
Unknown (not in DB) - Unknown (not in DB) -
Unknown (not in DB) -

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