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Rytmo des Deux Pottois

FRIII, 1996 NARA FRIII Champion
OFA Good, DNA #V376188

About "Raptor"

DOB: Apr 28, 1993
Breed: Belgian Malinois

04/28/1993 - 11/29/2005
Raptor is a medium height, but substantial Malinois, weighing 82-85 lbs. He has the obsessive, full mouth, calm, hard bite characteristic of dogs from his pedigree (Elgos, Atos, G'Vitou, Toby II). Raptor enjoys working with his handler and is resilient, but not handler aggressive. He is a social dog, who is spending his retirement playing ball with my son and training new decoys. At 11.5 he was the dog in white at an FR trial, and still enjoys working. He has been used as stud a couple of times so far, and is proving he passes on the genetic grips to his offspring, one of whom has also gone on to title to an FRIII.

Raptor and his sister Reine were imported as puppies by Rick Maples, who trained and titled him to an FRIII, winning the 1996 NARA French Ring Championships with him. Raptor's success in Ring also helped to qualify Rick for his eventual NARA judgeship. He is from a very successful litter, some of his littermates are:
Rachid - MRIII, Campagne 3, FRIII
Chien en blanc finale Campagne 1999
Finaliste Mondioring 2000
Roma - MR III
MR Championships - 1997 - 3rd place
MR Championships - 1999 - 4th place
MR Championships - 2000 - 2nd place

Belgian Championship all breeds 1998
Belgian Championship all breeds 1999
CACIT te Grace-Hollogne op 30/01/2000
Speciale CAC in KV Ter Leie op 20/02/2000
Belgische Herders TUSSENSTAND selectie WK-FCI 2001 peildatum 22-1-2001

Reine - FRII

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Elgos Du Chemin Des Plaines - FRIII, MRIII, fin. WM '93 (2nd) Atos - FRIII Ch Tr G'Bibber - BRI, Ring 1/B fin. BM 87'1 Cartouche
Pharah de l'Ataman Loff de l'Ataman
Ninon de l'Ataman
Vera De La Fontaine Du Buis Mansour de la Fontaine du Buis - FRIII Vico de Turenfels
Itha de la Fontaine du Buis
Morane de la Fontaine du Buis - FRIII, fin. 1980 Vicqy du Faubourg des Postes - FRIII
Vega de Ventadour
Ophelie Des Deux Pottois B.Tr. G'Vitou des Deux Pottois Cartouche Castor vom Kronenburg
Lis (Nvbk)
Josque Dick II
Linda (NVBK)
Miki Des Deux Pottois - BRIII Ithos Des Deux Pottois - FRIII Flax des Deux Pottois - FRIII
Hallix des Deux Pottois
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