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Calice du Dantero

2003 NARA FRI Vice Champion, FRII (competed in FRIII), PSA1, SchH BH, CD, HCTs, HIAs, HTDIs, HRDIs, TFE-I, FDCh-G, CL1-R, CL1-H, CL1-S, CL1-F, CGC, Major pointed (BOB), HSAc (1st leg), JHDs (1st leg), HOT
multiple Herding HIT/RHIT
First Breeder/HOT FRII Female in NARA history
First female in NARA to earn the FRII in back to back trials on the same weekend, 2nd dog to do it
2nd place 2005 Gold Coast K9 Working Dog Competition
3rd Place 2005 AZ Working Dog Competition
#6 Belgian Malinois 2007 AKC Herding Rankings
1st Place Novice Agility (Alt Breed) 2008 WPTCA National Championship
1st Place Open Obedience (Alt Breed) and HIT Obed (All Breeds) 2008 WPTCA National Championship
High in Trial Alternate Breed 2008 WPTCA National Championship
GDC Hips - good, GDC Elbows, Shoulders, Tarsus, Stifles - Normal, CERF, CHIC

About "Cali"

DOB: Apr 23, 1999
Breed: Belgian Malinois

04/23/1999 - 12/26/2012 Goodbye Whoopa
Cali is from the "C" Litter du Dantero. She is actively training/competing in French Ring and "alternate" protection sports (PSA, NAPD, etc), and attends classes for agility and herding in her spare time. We've also done a little tracking, spent a few months at the local Schutzhund club, and done a few ProSports/IPDL type competitions. Cali is a high drive dog, with excellent ball, hunt, food and prey drives. She also has a good dose of fight, and will work in a suit, sleeve, hidden sleeve, muzzle or without any equipment. Her pack drive is good, eager to please but with an independant streak that shows up on occasion. Cali has excellent structure, and is extremely athletic. She's a large female, approx 24.5 inches and 68-72 lbs. She produced two litters, the D litter du Dantero and H litter du Dantero and has pups training in almost all arenas (Sch, Ring, police, agility, conformation, tracking and SAR). Cali is a very consistent dog, earning her CD legs in 3 straight shows, with 2 2nds and a 3rd place. She has also earned a passing score, with a number HIT's and RHIT, each time she has competed in a herding trial. (this is no longer true, after 7 successful trials in a row she failed her first one).

Update - due to an accident at a recent protection dog competition, Cali is permanently retired from protection sports. She will continue to pursue other venues including agility, herding and flyball.

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D du Dantero
H du Dantero

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Bea du Creux Thatcher - dam of over 25 FRIII's and multiple Coupe competitors Ch Tr. Robin de la Fontaine du Buis - FRIII, Finalist 84,85,86,87,88 HD-A Mutin de la Fontaine du Buis - FRIII, Finalist 81
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