Diary of competitions, training, etc.

APR2 - Fawkes earned the IPO APR 2 at the Wildwood Schutzhund Club in Pacific, MO under judge Marcel Ehrenreich and helper Joeri Veth. The APR2 is an IPO2 without tracking. - 2017-10-23

DM - Fawkes finished off his AKC North American Diving Dogs master title - 2017-05-14

Fawkes won second place in the Big Air veterans senior division at the AKC National Championships - 2016-12-17

WC - Fawkes is the 2016 Dock Dogs Dueling Dogs Class Four WORLD CHAMPION - 2016-11-13

MRI - Fawkes earned his MRI under judge Ann Putegnat - 2016-03-20

MR OB1 - Fawkes earned his MR OB1 title (MR 1 obedience with no bitework or jumps) - 2015-06-20

TDI - Fawkes passed his therapy dog certification (TDI) - 2013-10-24

FR Brevet - Fawkes earned his FR Brevet under judge Richie Bonilla and decoy Wade Morrell with a 90.7 (HIT) at Chi Town Ringers at the Dog Sports Festival, St. Anne, IL - 2013-09-02

TopGunEV - Fawkes qualified for World Championships in Top Gun Extreme Vertical - 2012-08-19

EV Top Gun - Fawkes earned his EV Top Gun title, qualified for regionals, and took first place - 2012-06-15

PSA PDC - Fawkes earned his PSA PDC, with high score in obedience Judge Darryl Richey - 2012-05-20

Sch WH - Fawkes passed his WH at a DVG trial, under judge Ann Dolan, hosted by Sweetcorn Kennels in St. Anne, IL - 2011-09-03

BH, AD - Fawkes earned the BH and AD in North Carolina at the Piedmont Schutzhund Club under judge Warren Jones - 2011-03-27

TT - Fawkes earned his TT through the ATTS at the Canine Olympic Games at Purina Farms - 2008-10-13

CGC - At just a little over a year old, Fawkes earned his CGC, with multiple comments on what a solid temperament he has. - 2008-05-27