Diary of competitions, training, etc.

Henzo de la Ailzallerie:

Nov '01 Entered an IPDL fun match in the professional level, and placed in the top 3 for his scenarios 95% of the time. The majority of the time he took or tied for first and earned some money (5$ each entry, split between winner and decoys). - 2001-11-01

BH - June 24, '01 Enzo earned his Sch BH. Doesn't sound like a big accomplishment for a dog with his level of training, but considering he has always heeled on the right, recalled to a heel, etc it took quite a bit of re-training, and he did very well. - 2001-06-24

June '01 Enzo competed in his first ProSports trial ever, with a respectable showing. He went after the 'crowd' (all suited decoys) on one scenario instead of the 'bad guy' (a single suited decoy) so didn't get enough points to pass. - 2001-06-01

April '01- Enzo is out of retirement. We recently started training with a Sch club, and he is working on his Sch titles. It will be awhile before he competes, his obedience is about as 'wrong' as it can get for Sch (heels on the right, recalls to a heel position, retrieves to a heel position, etc). But he's having fun learning to track and already getting comments about how hard he hits on a sleeve 🙂 Has good, calm, hard grips, and even carries like a pro, all the way back to the vehicle and right into his crate LOL. Hopefully he'll be ready to compete by this fall, if the obedience comes together. You can teach an old dog new tricks, but it takes awhile. - 2001-04-15

May 2000 - Enzo is now in semi-retirement. He will still help out with the occasional dog in white in Ring, and will start doing some tracking, obedience and agility. - 2000-05-15

HCTs - HCT (both legs) in July '99 at the PGWBC herding test in Tacoma WA - 1999-07-10

FRIII - FRIII at teh NW K9 Ring Club in Sherwood Oregon. 307.45 under judge Theo Piekarek Decoys W Woody and E Fortson - 1998-10-11

FRIII (HIT) - Ring III HIT in July 18 '98 (348.23) Once again, Enzo has done it. HIT Ring III at the Washington Defense Dog Club trial in Tacoma WA. And, a new personal best for him, since I purchased him (still aiming at that high score from France). A 348.23. And if it weren't for a training error on my part (screwed up his long jump badly enough that he didn't jump it at all in the competition, and then also didn't return on the palisade, -30), he would have attained every goal I have for him with a 380+. Oh well, we fix the long jump, and then we'll be back, trying to break that 369.15 again. - 1998-07-15

FRIII (HIT) - another Ring III HIT in Jun 13 '98 with the PGWBC/WDDC in Santa Rosa CA Judge Jean Yves Reguer Decoys L. Shumate and D. White - 1998-02-15

HICs - HIC (herding instinct test) in Oct '97 - 1997-10-10

FRIII (HIT) - Ring III HIT in Aug 2 '97 Washington Defense Dog trial, Tacoma WA Judge Serge Ocard, Decoys L. Shumate and F. Fisher - 1997-08-10

TT - July '97 - Enzo got his TT at the Giant Schnauzer TT nationals (the GSCA put on the TT), and passed with flying colors, proving that a Ring dog can and should be a stable dog. - 1997-07-15

FRIII - FRIII 1996 NARA Championships. Enzo was just a "little" out of control, and earned a 266.25 under judge Serge Ocard. Decoys L. Ocard and D. Ellery - 1996-09-28

FRIII (HIT) - At his very first US competition, 6/27/96 we took HIT FRIII with a score of 346.5 Club du Euro Canine, BattleGround WA. Judge - Theo Piekarek - 1996-06-27