Diary of competitions, training, etc.

Dantero's Zoey:

FDCh - Zoey earned her FDCh (Flyball Dog Champion) title - 2007-09-08

TF-III - Zoey ran in her second U-FLI tournament on a pickup team, and earned enough points for her TF-III - 2007-07-07

FD/FDX - Zoey earned her FD and FDX titles at a NAFA tournament. She's running 5.2-5.4 (jumps are higher than UFLI) and can still tighten up her passes. - 2007-06-03

TF-II - Zoey ran all weekend in a flyball tournament, her first one, and finished the weekend with a TF-II She just kept getting more reliable as the weekend went on, and is definitely starting to understand the competition side of the game. - 2007-04-01

TF - Zoey ran in her first tournament and earned her first flyball title, the TF. - 2007-03-31

Zoey ran in singles at her first flyball tournament. Her first race we had a few ball drops, but by the second race we had figured it out and she was running clean consistently putting in times of 5.1 I think once she gets more experience, and the excitement level is increased with all the team dogs gathered around, she may start consistently running in the high 4's. - 2007-03-17