Diary of competitions, training, etc.

Orquidea du Dantero:

PDC - Orchid earned her PDC under judge Joe Parks at the Square Deal PSA Trial - 2023-09-08

RATS - Orchid burned her senior barn hunt title, three runs, three Qs. - 2021-09-11

RATO - Orchid finished her RATO Title with a title with a 1st place and high in class - 2020-01-18

BH - Orchid earned her BH at the Treasure Coast Working Dogs Club trial under judge Lisa Little - 2019-11-02

RATN - Orchid earned her barnhunt novice title, and took 1st place and High in Class in Open. - 2019-10-12

DM - Orchid earned her dock master title - 2019-10-12

RATI - Orchid earned her RATI - 2019-02-15