Diary of competitions, training, etc.

Link Des Ombres Valeureux:

Nov '01 Entered an IPDL fun match in the professional level, and placed in the top 3 for his scenarios 95% of the time. The majority of the time he took or tied for first and earned some money (5$ each entry, split between winner and decoys). - 2001-11-01

June '01 Link competed in his first ProSports trial ever with a respectable showing. - 2001-06-01

FRI - FRI second leg Aug 26, 2000 under judge Rick Maples in Whidbey Island WA with an 170.9, second place (first was 174). Owned/trained by Kadi Thingvall. - 2000-08-26

FR Brevet/FRI - FR Brevet and FRI first leg July 2000 under judge Ken Jeysman at the WDDC trial in Tacoma WA. Owned/trained by Kadi Thingvall. - 2000-07-15