Diary of competitions, training, etc.

Calice du Dantero:

CL1 - Cali competed in her first ever agility trial, and qualified in 9 out of 10 runs over the course of two days, earning all 4 level 1 agility titles CL1-R, CL1-H, CL1-S, CL1-F. Judge: Barrett Benson Host Club: Ups-n-Downs Agility - 2011-04-24

Cali took 1st place alternate breed, and second place overall, in novice agility at the 2008 WPTCA National Championship. Judge Annetta Cheek The next day she took 1st place alternate breed in Open Obedience, also going HIT Obedience for all breeds, both novice and open. Judge Robert Wademan. Points for the weekend were accumulated based on how many events you entered, and how you placed in those events. At the end of the weekend Cali was HIT Alternate Breed for the 2008 WPTCA National Championship. - 2008-09-20

FdCH-G - Cali earned her FdCH-G at the INXS touranment in Rohr Park, Chula Vista CA - 2008-09-06

PSA1 - Cali earned her PSA1 with a second place finish in Phoenix AZ. Judge was Robert Wademan. 2 of the 4 protection exercises were with "highest distinction". - 2008-03-16

HIAs - Cali passed the final leg of her HIAs with a score of 93 points, first place in intermediate and HIT Malinois. - 2007-10-06

TFE-I - Cali earned her TFE-I in Ramona CA at the Lickety Splits tournament. - 2007-09-30

HRDI-s - Cali earned the second leg of her HRDI-s title with an 86.5/90 and a comment from the judge that she did an exceptional job and a couple of handler decisions are what kept her out of the ribbons. Darn handler. - 2007-06-03

Cali earned another Q leg towards her HIA-s with a first place (88pts) under judge A M Guthrie in Escondio CA - 2007-04-22

Cali had a much nicer run on cattle 4/22 than her run on4/21, but the judge NQ'd her on her cross drive by 1 point. Not sure why, the other competitors, including some who are judges themselves, felt it was as close to perfect as it could get. But they weren't the judge that day, so their opinions don't count :-). Either way, it was only her fourth time on cattle, and my third time handling her on cattle, so I was very happy with how she worked. - 2007-04-22

Cali earned the first legs of her HSA-c and HIA-s with a 3rd place finish on cattle and a first place finish on sheep. This was the 3rd time she'd ever worked cattle in her life. HSA-c judge G Jeffers, HIA-s judge T Kenney. The trial was in Escondido CA. - 2007-04-21

TFE - Cali earned her Top Flight Executive. - 2007-04-01

Although retired from competition, Cali still helps out with dog in white duties on a semi-regular basis. She recently did all the jumps/obedience for FRIII at the SCABR trial. She also did the guard of object, and attack with gun. I told the judge due to her jaw injury I didn't want to do long sends with her (she was only supposed to do the basket but the other dog left) so he agreed I could send her from about 25 feet. She still flattened the decoy. Spun him around and down he went :-). - 2007-03-03

It's been a little while in coming, because I've had a really hard time finding a trial that didn't conflict with something else, but Cali finally earned the last leg of her HSA-s today, with another HIT. She did it in 3 straight legs, all of them HIT's. - 2006-11-18

CGC - Cali passed her CGC at an all breed fun Match in Aletena CA. - 2006-11-12

Cali and her teammates on We Be Flying won first place in their division in a flyball tournament hosted by INXS at Del Mar CA. - 2006-09-22

TF-III - Cali ran in the Wags for Wishes flyball tournament and earned enough points to finish the TF-III title. - 2006-07-06

HTDI-s (RHIT) - Cali earned both her HTD I-s legs in one day to earn the HTD I-s title. Each run was 87/90. In the first trial she tied for RHIT (Reserve High in Trial) but the tie breaker is the level you trialed at, so the RHIT went to the other dog. In the second trial she tied for HIT. Once again the tie breaker is the level, so she was awarded the RHIT. - 2006-06-25

FDCh-s - Cali earned her FDCh-s (flyball dog champion silver) title. She's running consistently 4.1-4.2 and getting start times of .0x on a regular basis, with her best start times this weekend being a .005 and .003 - 2006-06-03

Cali earned the first leg of her HRDI-s with 83/90 in Perris CA. - 2006-05-14

FDCh - Cali earned her FDCh (Flyball Dog Champion) title in Chula Vista CA on 4/8/06 She's turning in times of 4.2-4.3 now on a consistent basis, with her fastest time being 4.1 - 2006-04-08

CD - Feb 26, 2006 Cali earned the last leg of her CD, with a second place finish. - 2006-02-26

HSA-s HIT - Jan 29, 2006 Cali did it again. Another qualifying score for HSA-s, with first place in the Started class, High in Trial Course A, and High Scoring Malinois. - 2006-01-29

HSA-s HIT - Jan 28, 2006 Cali made her debu in the AKC Herding arena, Herding Started Course A with sheep. She turned in a good run, and earned not only the Qualifying score for her first leg of HSA-s, but first place in the Started group. And her score was good enough to earn her High in Trial Course A, and High Scoring Malinois. - 2006-01-28

FDX - Cali earned her FDX on 1/21/06. She is consistently turning in times under 4.5 seconds, with her average being 4.3-4.4 - 2006-01-21

Dec 18th, 2005 Cali did it again, 2 for 2. This time though she Q'd for her second leg of the CD, with a 2nd place finish. - 2005-12-18

Dec 17th, 2005 Cali made her debu in the AKC Obedience ring, in the Novice A (CD) class. She Q'd for her first leg of the CD, with a 3rd place finish. - 2005-12-17

FD - Cali ran in her first NAFA tournament, and earned enough points for the FD. She also had her best start time so far, 0.007 - 2005-11-01

Sept 10, 2005 Cali competed in a Sch style protection tournament. She tied for first with JaJa in the Hardesting Hitting contest. During the run off she was injured, resulting in her jaw being shattered and the loss of her entire upper left canine tooth, root and all. She is now permanently retired from protection sports, and will continue to pursue obedience, agility, herding, flyball, etc. - 2005-09-10

TF-I/TF-II - August 20, 2005 - With just a few more lessons under her collar, Cali attended her second flyball tournament. She ran as the start dog turning in multiple start times of 0.01 and 0.02, and earned enough points for the TF-I and TF-II. - 2005-08-20

TF - July 10, 2005 - After only 2 classes in flyball, Cali attended her first tournament, just to do some recalls and get used to the environment. Due to injuries and other problems, the team needed more dogs and we entered Cali. She ran 9 races, 3 legs each, with only 1 mistake. And earned enough points for her first flyball title, Top Fight (TF) - 2005-07-10

June 2005 Cali had her second attempt at FRIII. Overall she improved, but still didn't get a passing score. Possibly due to her surgery last August (not fully recovered) or possibly due to aging, she just doesn't have the stamina and heat tolerance she had a year ago. And it showed in her performance. I will continue training her, and plan to compete in PSA, MR and Sch plus do some FR dog in white. But she probably won't hit the FR trial field again unless I can find a winter trial or we travel out of state where the weather is cooler. - 2005-06-15

April 3, 2005 Arizona Working Dog Competition - Cali took third place, with the second highest obedience score in her division. The trial was held in Gilbert, AZ and was a fund raiser for the Arizona Police K9 Memorial, hosted by Greg Thomas and the Superstition working dog club. - 2005-04-03

March 2005 Cali had her first attempt at FRIII. We discovered some areas that need work, and turned in a less than stellar score overall, but the exercises she did right, she did really well. The ones she didn't do right, she bombed on. We'll hit the training field again, clean things up, give her a little more exposure to that level of work, and hit the field again this summer. - 2005-03-15

2nd Place in the Gold Coast K9 Working Dog Competition held in Ventura CA, Jan 30, 2005 Cali actually tied for first in the intermediate division, but the tie breaker was decided by which team had the high obedience score, giving her a second place finish out of 14 dogs. - 2005-01-30

April 4, 2004 - Cali presented me with 6 pups, 1 female and 5 males. The sire is Raptor and all the pups are doing well. - 2004-04-04

FRII (HIT) - Jan 30, 2004 FRII second leg, HIT, under judge Rick Maples in Fontana CA.
Cali also made NARA history becoming the first Breeder/HOT FRII female, and the first dog of either gender to earn both FRII legs in back to back trials on the same weekend. - 2004-01-30

FRII - Jan 29, 2004 FRII with a second place finish under judge Jean-Yves Reguer in Fontana CA - 2004-01-29

SchBH - Nov 2003 earned her SchBH under judge Ernest Heintz - 2003-11-01

FRI Vice Champion - October 10, 2003 NARA FRI Vice Champion with a score of 175.8 - 2003-10-10

August 11, 2002 Earned the first leg of her JHDs in Graham, WA - 2002-08-11

HCTs - July 13, 2002 Earned her HCTs in Roy, WA - 2002-07-13

FRI - May 25, 2002 Earned her FRI under judge Rick Maples in Abbotsford BC, Canada. - 2002-05-25

April 2002 Cali went herding for the first time, and had a lot of fun. According to the instuctor she has a "lot of natural talent". We are going to continue to pursue herding on a semi-regular basis, in addition to the Ring, agility, etc training. - 2002-04-15

Nov '01 Entered an IPDL fun match, and placed in the top 3 for her scenarios 95% of the time. The majority of the time she took or tied for first and earned some money (5$ each entry, split between winner and decoys). Cali competed in the amateur scenarios, - 2001-11-01

Aug 25, 2001 Cali presented me with 10, yes TEN puppies, 3 males and 7 females. About 6 more than the vet thought she would have when he palpated her, but all healthy and doing great. - 2001-08-25

July 10th we went to an FR trial to help out and do dog in white for FRI. Only to find out there were only 4 dogs entered, without 6 entries a legal trial can't be held. So Cali was entered in FRI. Without knowing positions, and having only done the FR exercises once in the last 3.5 months, not to mention she was pregnant and a very hot day. Needless to say she failed, but once we finish the obedience she'll pass easily. She earned 28/30 on the flee, 29/30 on the face, and 30/30 on the defense of handler and the obedience exercises she did do were mainly full points. I entered her in the second trial they held July 15th, mainly for fun but with hopes that we might just squeak by (it was much cooler). Cali did quite a bit better in the obedience (she got every position, 3 took 2 commands), but discovered she has a middle finger in the bitework LOL. We did improve our overall score, but our protection scores weren't as nice. Next time. - 2001-07-10

June '01 Cali compete in her first ProSports trial ever. Unfortunately she didn't pass one scenario, knocking her out of the running for a placement. - 2001-06-01

April 2001 Cali has taken a "detour" in her Ring training, and is now training in Sch, with the goal being an eventual SchIII. She will eventually end up back on the FR trial field, but we are going to play in another arena for awhile. - 2001-04-15

Jan 2001 Cali has started her first agility class and is loving every minute of it. She started a few weeks behind the other dogs, but in the first class had no problems keeping up, chaining together 2-4 obstacles in a row, including ones she had never seen (all of them except the jumps and tunnel LOL) before that night. - 2001-01-15

Oct 14, 2000 Cali earned her first AKC points, going Best of Breed for a 3 point major. - 2000-10-14

FR Brevet - FR Brevet Aug 26, 2000 under judge Rick Maples in Whidbey Island WA with an 87.6, high in trial. She also recieved the baton the decoy used, for being in his opinion the best Brevet dog in the protection portion of the trial. Cali's GDC results also came back as hips Good, elbows, shoulders, stifles and taursus normal, and CERF normal. Owned/trained by Kadi Thingvall. - 2000-08-26