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N^ Jazzy-Girl Dantero


About "Jazz"

DOB: Oct 15, 2006
Breed: Belgian Malinois

Jazz, who's official AKC registered name is N To The Power Of Jazzy-Girl Du Dantero, is a high drive, tenacious little pup, with a very affectionate personality. When she sets her mind on something, like stealing a toy or bone from one of her housemates, she is going to do it, even if she knows they might "kill" her in the process. Loves to play tug, counters easily, and has an awesome nose. Especially when food is involved. Jazz is training for agility, obedience and will also be checking out SAR.
Jazz has her own Blog. Check it out, it's got great updates on how she is doing.

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Dantero's Mac de Dubois/Vassiliev des Contes d'Hoffmann - FRIII, RATP(K9), CGC, CHIC OFA Good, elbows normal, CERF, AKC DNA #V445337 Tom v. 'T Muizenbos - Nat.Kamp.Cat.3Ring'93 O'Sam (Sam vd Winkel) Snap
Hannana van Acker
Sara van 't Muizenbos Toby II - BRI
Provincial Champion van Limburg 1990
Judice van 't Muizenbos
Salia des Contes d'Hoffmann Veomar van het Groentenhof Rambo van't Muizenbos - BRI
Rama van het Groentenhof
Mira des Contes d'Hoffmann Bacchus de la Hutte Aux Pins - FRIII, Finalist 90(21st),91(13th),92(3rd),93(2nd),94(4th),95(15th)
Stone des Deux Pottois
Dantero's A Bit of E Divinty - NA, NAJ, 2 OA Qs, 2 OAJ Qs OFA Good Henzo de la Ailzallerie - FRIII, SchH BH, TT, HIC, HCTs OFA Excellent, elbows normal, DNA #V150315 Extra De Monteuffel - FRIII, 94 Selectifs Ch Tr Docker De Vulcain - FRIII, '96 Selectifs
Clea De Monteuffel
Ailza De Nathal Sako Du Clos D'Artal - FRIII, Coupe Finalist '85, '86
Nina Des Trevires FCI
O'Breon's Young Fine Diva - FRI, CHIC OFA Good, elbows normal, CERF Lothar du Chenil Victoire - FRII, SchIII OFA Good Hoskan de la Source Bien Aimee - SchIII, fin. WM-BB 96, FRBr, FR Import
Patty des deux Pottois
Dovre Fjelds Xosa - OFA Good Zodt (Netchy De Mallassagne) - BRI HD-A
Leika de Mallassagne

5 Generation Pedigree