Dantero Malinois Presents

Henzo de la Ailzallerie

FRIII @ 2yrs 4mths with a score of 350.47 / 400
High score in FR 369.15 @ 2yrs 8mths
Multiple scores in the 350's and 360's
Multiple HIT's (high in trial in 4/5 US trials)

OFA Excellent, elbows normal, DNA #V150315

About "Enzo"

DOB: Feb 08, 1992
Breed: Belgian Malinois

I purchased Enzo at 3.5 years of age from France, with the help (as my contacts) of Ron Rieger and Pierre LaFond. I told them I wanted a stable, social, structurally sound dog who could hit like a freight train then go home and play with my family. I got Enzo. A medium sized Malinois with very heavy blackening, a full white chest (Elgos style), around 65 lbs when he is working, 25 inches at the shoulder. Lots of prey drive, and very high fight drive. He loved the game, but also had a very intense attitude. When I first got him we spent a lot of time working with him, "calming" him down (ie trying for a little more prey, a little less fight) trying for that consistently clean out, and on 6/27/96 we took HIT FRIII with a score of 346.5 (most of the points lost were lost to slow outs or rebites). This was Enzo's first competition in the US, and my first FR competition ever. What a way to start. We spent the next 5 years working on getting and keeping a consistently quick and clean "out". Even with his less than perfect control though, Enzo always wowed the crowd with his performance, and took HIT in all but 2 of his trials here in the US. Enzo is the type of dog who can go out and train with intensity, then come home and relax with me in the hammock, or play fetch with my son. He has a very humorous side, and loves to play the clown. I can't over emphasize E's stability, he's a dog who knows when to work hard, when to play hard, and when to be loving and gentle. Enzo could be on the training/trial field one day, and the next day wandering though an AKC dog show saying "Hi" to a person in a wheel chair. E is the dog to whom I compare all other dogs.
Enzo's breeder has a website at http://lailzallerie.chiens-de-france.com
Enzo's pedigree is a combination many of the old French and Belgian lines such as de Vulcain, Noaillerie, Fontaine du Buis, Boscaille, G'Bibber, Qu'rack du Bois d'Emblise. His pedigree is very close to the pedigree of Elgos, containing approximately 70% the same dogs, even having the white chest more commonly associated with "the Elgos line".

When I moved to S. CA Enzo stayed briefly in AZ while I looked for a house. While in AZ, Enzo died of heat stroke on 5/21/03.

Enzo has kids training/titling in French Ring, Schutzhund, police work, detection work, personal protection, obedience, tracking, conformation, as therapy dogs, and herding. He is producing high drives (prey, pack, hunt and fight), dogs that strike fast, hit hard, and bite hard, strong temperaments (environmental and social), good structure, and nice coat/pigment.

Enzo has been collected, for information purchasing semen use the following LINK.

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A du Dantero
du Vashon
B du Dantero
des Compagnon
Camano's F du Dantero
E du Dantero
DD du Dantero

Extra De Monteuffel - FRIII, 94 Selectifs Ch Tr Docker De Vulcain - FRIII, '96 Selectifs Ch Tr G'Bibber - BRI, Ring 1/B fin. BM 87'1 Cartouche
Victoire de Vulcain - TRAVAIL RING Ch Tr Othar de la Noaillerie - FRIII, FRIII fin. 81(1),82(1),83(2),84(1),85(2),87(8) Compagne 500 fin. 82(4),84(3)
Joyce du Plessis Aux Tournelles
Clea De Monteuffel Uron De La Noaillerie Bicou - PH1
Orcia des Sentiers de Lupierre
Anouk De Nathal - B. Tr. Sako Du Clos D'Artal - FRIII, Coupe Finalist '85, '86
Nina Des Trevires FCI
Ailza De Nathal Sako Du Clos D'Artal - FRIII, Coupe Finalist '85, '86 Lex De La Fontaine Du Buis - FRIII CH Tr. Urus du Toulgoulic - Ring 3 fin. 76, sel. 75
Itha de la Fontaine du Buis
Noreen De La Fontaine Du Buis Ch Tr Urgo de Turenfels - FRIII, fin. 73,74,75
Vega de Ventadour
Nina Des Trevires FCI Vidoc du Boscaille - FRIII, Fin Ring 76'3,77'22,78'2,80'18, Fin Camp., CQN 196 Pt. R.E., Int. CH. B Qu'rack du Bois D'emblise - FRIII, WS'73
Urane du Mouscronnais
Zarka De La Semois Tristan de Vielsalm
Tigrine (17666)

5 Generation Pedigree