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OFA Good, Thyroid Normal, Vwd 56%, Heart Normal, CERF

About "Stryker"

DOB: Dec 24, 1989
Breed: Doberman

This is Stryker, the reigning king of our house. You know the one. The only dog allowed on the couch (by decree of the King :-), he sleeps at the foot of the bed and takes care of things while I am at work. In his "spare time" he can be found playing with my son, pulling Kelson around in the sled or wagon, chasing the cat, or going on squirrel patrol. He is a very funny dog, who can be very puppish one moment, then my "butler" the next, looking on with that very stuffy uptight type of attitude. He has been my "Jack of all trades, master of none". I originally got him thinking to show, so we did a little handling. Then my interests strayed to competition obedience, so we did some of that. Then we did personal protection training for a few years. Took a look at Schutzhund briefly, and ended up on the French Ring field. I have taught Stryker a lot in his many years, but he has taught me even more, unfortunately in many cases, what not to do. He is now enjoying a well deserved "retirement". He earned his TT at the Giant Schnauzer nationals in July '99 (the GSCA put on the TT).

On March 8, 1999 Stryker went to the bridge, a victim of Wobbler's. Even in his final moments he was converting people, making friends in the vet's waiting room and earning the comment "I never knew Dobe's were so friendly".

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