Dantero Malinois Presents

Banzaii du Dantero


About "Banzi"

DOB: Mar 16, 1998
Breed: Belgian Malinois



On Feb 26, 2000 we had a house fire. While fighting the fire, the firemen tore down part of my fence to get to the back door. Banzaii was in the back yard, she panicked, and took off. She was last seen running down the street in SE Portland Oregon by the neighbors, there have been no sightings since. She was wearing a black collar, but it didn't have her tags on it. She does have a more permanent form of ID. There is a $1000.00 reward for the safe return of Banzaii. Please call 503-788-9833 or email me at malndobe@juno.com if you think you have seen her or if you have her. Please note, if you think you have her I will require proof, to avoid potential scammers :-(. Reward $$ will be delivered when Banzaii is picked up, if she is out of the area transportation will be arranged for her.

Banzaii is from the "B" Litter du Dantero. She is a very intelligent having learned the basic French Ring positions by 10 weeks old. Banzaii is working on French Ring, tracking, herding, conformation and obedience titles. We will also start training in agility at some point. At this point Banzaii does the entire FRIII obedience routine, with some minor cleanup needed here and there. She is running TD/TDX (the terrain changes) tracks, we just need to work on aging and corners (she tracks fast and tends to overshoot corners). Banzaii is an EXTREMELY athletic little dog, who can "run like the wind" and corner on a dime. And she will climb anything or go under anything, it doesn't matter what the footing is. I think she will make a great agility dog once we get started.

**News Flash** Banzaii took and passed her CGC on May 15, 1999. She also competed in a conformation fun match and took third in the herding group. She was the only Malinois so of course took her class and BOB.

**News Flash** Banzaii passed both legs of the HCT (herding test) on July 16th, in Tacoma WA.

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