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About "Fumbles"

DOB: Jun 11, 2014

Fumbles is a medium sized pup with high drives and a "can do" attitude. Sometime prior to 4 weeks old his mom stepped on him and injured his lower back. It is healing and the vet and chiropractor both expect him to make a full recovery. He went through a period though around 5 weeks were at times he could barely walk. Hence the name Fumbles. It never slowed him down though, at least not mentally, after all walking well isn't a requirement for biting, trying to beat up siblings, etc. He's been through a lot in his short life, but he always has his tail straight up and meets every challenge head on.
Fumbles has full/calm grips, loves to carry, high prey, toy and food drives. He's dominant without being a jerk about it. He will stay here at Dantero as a possible future stud dog. While he will definitely do some training, if he is titled it will only be to a lower level due to the injury.
Update: While Fumbles enjoys life running and playing with the other dogs, and on his better days doing parkour in his kennel, he has already begun to develop some arthritis in his lower back. We won't be doing any training/titles, and at some point I will probably look for a local co-own for him, where he can be someone's favored pet and house dog, but still play a part in future Dantero generations.

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