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Havok du Dantero

2009 NARA FRI Championship Cup 2nd place
OFA Fair, CERF, DNA #V509540

About "Havok"

DOB: Apr 04, 2004
Breed: Belgian Malinois

Havok, also affectionately known as the "Bionic Dog", was originally taken as a stud fee pup, and was then sold to his owners decoy. When he was 5 months old he survived an attack by a pack of adult dogs, resulting in some serious damage to his entire body. Despite this, Havok is still very social with other dogs, including friendly males. I purchased Havok back in Nov of 2006 (2.5 yrs old), and began retraining him for French Ring. Although Havok was IMO the best competition dog I had at that time, with his combination of grip, drive, character, entry, bid-ability and athletic ability, due to the timing of getting him back, other dogs I was already in the middle of training/competing with, etc he never got to be the main focus in training and achieve the level he was capable of. Havok's OFA x-rays came back Fair for hips, it is my opinion this is because of the damage done to one hip during the attack (OFA indicated it was that hip that caused the rating).

Havok is a solid/strong male, with high drives, a full very hard grip, social/stable personality, and excellent jumper. Strong barking/guarding, he has a civil streak and gets stronger with pressure. When not working he has a calm demeanor with a good on/off switch. He is very clear in the head when working. Medium sized, 25 inches and 65-68 lbs.

Havok retired and lived in Oregon on a co-own, where he continued to play a part in future Dantero generations. The damage done to his body as a pup started to catch up with him and I made the decision to retire him from Ring instead of asking him to do the FRII and FRIII level jumps.

Stud Inquiries
Havok is available for stud via frozen semen. For more information go to https://dantero.com/malinois-for-sale/frozen-semen/

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