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FR Brevet, CSAU, CGC
OFA Borderline, elbows normal

About "Crash"

DOB: Jun 07, 2004
Breed: Belgian Malinois

Crash, is the newest hopeful here at Dantero Kennels. He's a medium sized pup, with a red/blonde base color and a lot of black overlay. Very drivey and focused in the bitework, with excellent food and hunt drives. Nice full bites, with a natural counter in and calm grips. Very affectionate and environmentally stable. Good food and hunt drive, he'll do just about anything for a treat. Although very energetic on the field, Crash is one of the calmest Malinois pups in the house I've ever had. He will come in, hop up on the bed with me, and just "crash" for a 3-4 hour nap. Even if he wakes up, he just hangs out unless I get up. His main focus will be French Ring, but like all our dogs he will eventually be doing some tracking, herding, agility, obedience, flyball etc.

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Rytmo des Deux Pottois - FRIII, 1996 NARA FRIII Champion OFA Good, DNA #V376188 Elgos Du Chemin Des Plaines - FRIII, MRIII, fin. WM '93 (2nd) Atos - FRIII Ch Tr G'Bibber - BRI, Ring 1/B fin. BM 87'1
Pharah de l'Ataman
Vera De La Fontaine Du Buis Mansour de la Fontaine du Buis - FRIII
Morane de la Fontaine du Buis - FRIII, fin. 1980
Ophelie Des Deux Pottois B.Tr. G'Vitou des Deux Pottois Cartouche
Miki Des Deux Pottois - BRIII Ithos Des Deux Pottois - FRIII
Faxy Des Deux Pottois
Zara v.d. Berlex-Hoeve OFA Fair, Elbows Normal, CERF Turcodos Van De Duvetorre - IPOIII, SchIII, FCI & WUBSC World Championships Representative 2000 HD/B Stoned Van De Duvetorre - IPOIII, FCI & WUBSC World Championships Representative 97, 98, 2000, WUBSC 1999 HD/B Elgos Du Chemin Des Plaines - FRIII, MRIII, fin. WM '93 (2nd)
Pigrine Nuts
Lara Du Boscaille
Sanka Van De Berlex-Hoeve - IPOIII, 5 X's World Championships Competitor Lex - IPOIII, SchIII, FCI World Championships David
Inca - Belg Obed Champion
Orry Van De Debbershoeve Hero Van't Waterkasteel
Lorka - IPOIII

5 Generation Pedigree