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U-UD, U-ACHX High Country Storm

FR Brevet, SchH II, UD, RE, NA
Hips/Elbows xrayed normal

About "Stormy"

DOB: Oct 22, 1998
Breed: Tervuren

Stormy is an AKC registered Belgian Malinois, who is obviously a Terv 😛 He had a neglected background, languishing in a kennel with 2 littermates at his breeders until he was almost 8 months old. When I first got him EVERYTHING freaked him out, from a pencil rolling off a desk, to someone wiggling their toes as he walked by the couch. However, over time he has shown that the dog underneath the problems is a solid dog. He still startles at strange things, but he recovers and investigates with just a little prompting, and he now handles normal life without feeling the need to bolt at any little thing. He is very friendly, has HIGH drives and I can do almost anything to him without him objecting For example, when I was tattooing him he shook from the buzz, vibration, etc but he tried very hard to stay still like I asked, and was tattoo'd without a problem. Stormy is currently working in French Ring. He will also add tracking, obedience, and agility to his list of activities, we may even try a little bit of herding.

Update - Stormy earned his Brevet on Dec 2, 2000 under Judge Theo Piekarek from France, with an 86.8/100, second place. The trial was held in a covered horse arena, with lots of neat smells and even a few "treats". Most of the points lost were due to him being curious about his surroundings (extra commands to get his attention), and 5 points were lost to a lack of guard in the defense of handler.

Update - Stormy is now living back east with Bob and Gail Brown and being trained in Sch, agility, obedience and tracking. He has earned his Sch I, some low level agility titles, and competed in some obed fun matches.

Update - Stormy is burning up the competition arena in both obedience and agility, and moving up the ladder earning his Sch and tracking titles in good form.

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Int, Mex CH Duc du Creux Thatcher - FR III selectifs, Ch Tr, MRIII, Pistage A and B(tracking), TT, CAC, CACIB, French Beauty rating of 'Excellent', French Import OFA Good, CERF Atos - FRIII Ch Tr G'Bibber - BRI, Ring 1/B fin. BM 87'1 Cartouche
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