Dantero Malinois Presents

Link Des Ombres Valeureux


OFA Fair, Elbows Normal, CERF, CHIC, DNA #V150313

About "Link"

DOB: Oct 22, 1995
Breed: Belgian Malinois

Link is a powerfully built Malinois at approx 24 inches (haven't used a wicket yet) and 70 lbs. He has a very eager to please, willing personality, is extremely stable, and is social with lots of drive. He "loads" quickly into drive, and has an intense guard. Link has been training in French Ring, obedience, agility and tracking. He is working towards his FRIII title.

Link is 2:4 on Atos, and also a Hoskan/Eureka grandson. Loosely linebred on G'Bibber (3:5,4)

Update - Link had a brush with death, the vet believes he may have eaten something poisonous. This resulted in a very high fever and almost a week at the emergency hospital. The vet admitted later he never thought Link would walk out alive. The fever resulted in some minor nerve damage, unnoticeable except under the rigors of high level training and competing. Upon the advice of the vet, Link was retired from training and has gone to live on a couch in Canada.

Link has been collected, for information on purchasing semen use the following LINK.

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Int, Mex CH Duc du Creux Thatcher - FR III selectifs, Ch Tr, MRIII, Pistage A and B(tracking), TT, CAC, CACIB, French Beauty rating of 'Excellent', French Import OFA Good, CERF Atos - FRIII Ch Tr G'Bibber - BRI, Ring 1/B fin. BM 87'1 Cartouche
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