Dantero Malinois Presents

DRica de Monte Grande

Hips x-rayed normal, CERF

About "Rica"

DOB: Feb 05, 2008
Breed: Belgian Malinois

Rica is nice sized female, upper 50's with good bone. Excellent structure. Very social/outgoing, no environmental issues, she loves to bite and will retrieve anything including metal objects. Full grips, readily adjusts, wants to bring the fight, and fast. Dominant with other dogs, she's good with males and some females, but not a dog park dog by any means. She was purchased with the hopes of some day doing a linebreeding on Enzo, possibly with one of his sons.
Rica's hips were xrayed prior to 2 years old (no worries, just taking some other dogs in so she went to).

Rica has retired from the Dantero breeding program and is now training for detection work and as a therapy dog back East.

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