Dantero Malinois Presents

Pakita du Dantero

2010 NARA National FRI Grand Champion
2010 Western Regional FRI Champion
Multiple FR High in Trials
OFA Good (prelim), Elbows normal, CERF

About "Kita"

DOB: Nov 03, 2007
Breed: Belgian Malinois

Nov 03, 2007 - Nov 24, 2022
Kita (Kee-ta) is a large female with high drive and full/hard grips. She is extremely stable, socially, environmentally, with other dogs, you name it she takes it all in stride. Yet while being a social butterfly, she can also bring aggression/fight to the work, she is very balanced in her drives and temperament. Medium/large female, she is in the mid 60's when in working weight. Very athletic, she is not only an excellent jumper (easily clears max on the FRIII jumps with room to spare), but also a mountain goat when it comes to climbing. Strange surfaces, high places, etc none of them phase her, she thinks it's just somewhere new to go climb and play. Kita started training for Schutzhund when she was around 10 months old, but after about 9 months in Schutzhund I made the decision to convert her over to Ring (I needed a new Ring dog, my older ones were starting to retire). She began trialing in 2010 and in her first year earned the Brevet, FRI with multiple high in trials, and won both the Regional and National Championships.

In June 2011 Kita injured her back leg while racing around the yard with the other dogs. My regular vet and a specialist both diagnosed her with a cruciate injury. We rehabbed the leg (follow the cruciate injury link for details) and avoided surgery, but she will not be returning to protection sport competition, the risk of re-injuring it is just to high IMO. Kita can jump again, probably 90% of what she used to be capable of, which is still much more than many dogs at 100%, but the bitework is to hard on the knee. Instead she is enjoying life as a house dog, playing with the other dogs and harassing the cats. While I would LOVE to breed her one more time, she has been retired from breeding. I do not believe with her knee that the weight gain of a pregnancy is in her best interests.

There are more photos of Kita on her Facebook Photo Album

UPDATE: Kita has started herding lessons, as an outlet to keep her mentally and physically fit, and will be competing in the lower levels in AKC and AHBA.

We had to say goodbye to Kita shortly after her 15th birthday, she suddenly lost her ability to walk, and started having seizures. The vet felt she either had a brain bleed or brain tumor and at her age, any sort of treatment was not an option I was willing to put her through.

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Z du Dantero
DD du Dantero
GG du Dantero

Dantero's Mac de Dubois/Vassiliev des Contes d'Hoffmann - FRIII, RATP(K9), CGC, CHIC OFA Good, elbows normal, CERF, AKC DNA #V445337 Tom v. 'T Muizenbos - Nat.Kamp.Cat.3Ring'93 O'Sam (Sam vd Winkel) Snap
Hannana van Acker
Sara van 't Muizenbos Toby II - BRI
Provincial Champion van Limburg 1990
Judice van 't Muizenbos
Salia des Contes d'Hoffmann Veomar van het Groentenhof Rambo van't Muizenbos - BRI
Rama van het Groentenhof
Mira des Contes d'Hoffmann Bacchus de la Hutte Aux Pins - FRIII, Finalist 90(21st),91(13th),92(3rd),93(2nd),94(4th),95(15th)
Stone des Deux Pottois
Kira du Dantero OFA Fair, elbows normal Rytmo des Deux Pottois - FRIII, 1996 NARA FRIII Champion OFA Good, DNA #V376188 Elgos Du Chemin Des Plaines - FRIII, MRIII, fin. WM '93 (2nd) Atos - FRIII
Vera De La Fontaine Du Buis
Ophelie Des Deux Pottois B.Tr. G'Vitou des Deux Pottois
Miki Des Deux Pottois - BRIII
Deja Vu du Dantero - SchH III, BH, FR Brevet (HIT), CGC, CSAU OFA Prelim Good, elbows normal Lory de Chantepierre - FRIII, '99 Selectifs, BH, 1998 Championnant de Lorraine Vice Champion - 391.70 OFA Good, Elbows Normal, CERF # BM-458/2001, CHIC, DNA #V209081 Ch Tr Docker De Vulcain - FRIII, '96 Selectifs
Dalai de la Fontaine du Buis - FRII
Calice du Dantero - 2003 NARA FRI Vice Champion, FRII (competed in FRIII), PSA1, SchH BH, CD, HCTs, HIAs, HTDIs, HRDIs, TFE-I, FDCh-G, CL1-R, CL1-H, CL1-S, CL1-F, CGC, Major pointed (BOB), HSAc (1st leg), JHDs (1st leg), HOT GDC Hips - good, GDC Elbows, Shoulders, Tarsus, Stifles - Normal, CERF, CHIC Fric des Bergers Vaillants - FRIII, TT, French Import OFA Good, CERF
Ping von Christel - HICs, Therapy Dog OFA Good, elbows normal

5 Generation Pedigree