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of Dantero's Ares

Dantero's Dela de l'Esprit "Dela" - PSA PDC, Embark Clear
Jasper du Dantero "Jasper" - PSA1 (1st leg), MWD Demo dog
Jett du Dantero "Jett" - SAR, CGC
Juicy Pickle du Dantero "Pickle" - K9 DD
J'Keres du Dantero "Keres"
J'Red du Dantero "Little Red"
Keeping Kasual du Dantero "Keeper(1)"
Kibo Kilimanjaro du Dantaro "Kibo"
Kickin It du Dantero "Kick"
Kona du Dantero "Kona" - BH, NW1
Kreature Feature du Dantero "Sievert" - Embark Clear
Kris Phineas du Dantero "Finn"
K'Tank du Dantero "Tank"
Naughty and Nice du Dantero "Shiva II" - DNA CBP
Nero Dolce du Dantero "Dace" - DNA CBP
Never Say Never du Dantero "Teagan" - MR1, MR OB1, RN, TDN, TDI, CGC, Embark Clear
Nina du Dantero "Nina" - DNA CBP
Nino Neo du Dantero "Neo" - FR Brevet, BH, CGC, DNA CBP
Nitro du Dantero "Nitro" - DNA CBP
No Nonsense du Dantero "Zumi" - DNA CBP
Not Today du Dantero "Arya" - PDC, RN, RATI, DE, CGC, TKN, OFA Good, Elbows Normal, DNA CBP
Nuke du Dantero "Nuke" - DNA CBP
N'Axel du Dantero "Axel" - FRI (1st leg), DNA CBP
N'Dexter du Dantero "LA" - Police K9, DNA CBP
N'Riley du Dantero "Riley" - DNA CBP
Oakley du Dantero "Oakley" - PSA1, DNA CBP
Offred du Dantero "Jayne" - BH, ORT, L1I, NW1, NW2, DNA CBP
On Off du Dantero "Switch" - CERF, DNA CBP
Orquidea du Dantero "Orchid" - BH, RATM, RATI, DM, OFA Good, elbows normal, CERF, CHIC, DNA CBP
O'Stitch du Dantero "Stitch" - SAR, DNA CBP
Q Paco Du Dantero
Q Petra Du Dantero
Querelle Du Dantero
Quirinus Odin Du Dantero
Red Pepper du Dantero "Pepper"
Rey du Dantero
Riot du Dantero "Sevvie"
Ronin du Dantero "Ronin" - PDC
RPM du Dantero "Revv"
R'Arkham du Dantero "Arkham" - SAR HRD, SJ
R'Tyson du Dantero

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Date Uploaded Approx
YouTube Pepper  Pepper working on PSA Skills while helping at a decoy camp presented by Stephan Herceq and hosted by NCCPSA 2022-08-15 1.50yrs
YouTube Dela  Environmental work with Dela for PSA 2022-05-17 2.00yrs
YouTube Pepper  Environmental work with Dela for PSA 2022-05-17 1.30yrs
Instagr Dela  Dela hunting for her ball in the BBB (box bottle ball) pit 2022-03-10 2.00yrs
Instagr Pepper  Hunting for her ball in the BBB pit 2022-03-10 12.0mths
Instagr Unknown  RR Litter enjoying a meal in their miniature ball pit 2022-03-10 0.7mths
Instagr Pepper  Learning to dock dive 2021-07-15 6.0mths
YouTube Pepper  Introducing Pepper to some new environmental situations, up on unstable surfaces, tarps, etc. and some bicep targeting. 2021-07-03 4.8mths
IG Pepper  Starting retrieves with distractions 2021-06-03 4.2mths
IG Pepper  a little bite work, directionals, puppy gauntlet, zoomy's, and he look at the butterfly puppy brain 2021-06-03 4.2mths
IG Ronin  Starting bicep targeting for PSA 2021-06-03 4.2mths
IG Ronin  Running the gauntlet (environmental situations) 2021-06-03 4.2mths
IG Ronin  Very first car jacking, and some environmental work 2021-06-03 4.2mths
YouTube Oakley  Oakley earns the first leg of her PSA1 under judge Johnathan Katz at the U-Tang trial in Draper Utah 2021-06-02 3.00yrs
IG Pepper  Environmental fun with puppies and her very first carjacking 2021-05-26 3.8mths
YouTube Jasper  Jasper earns her PDC under judge Johnathan Katz 2021-05-08 5.00yrs
YouTube Oakley  PDC protection routine at the SouthBay Working Dog PSA Trial Judge Joe Parks 2021-03-01 2.80yrs
FB Arya  Arya protection scenario 1 at the 2020 Michigan K9 Challenge, she took 5th out of 36 teams in the entry level 2020-10-17 2.00yrs
FB Arya  Arya car jacking scenario at the 2020 Michigan K9 Challenge, she took 5th out of 36 teams in the entry level 2020-10-17 2.00yrs
FB Teagan  Teagan and a couple other dogs at a Mondio Seminar. She is in the bulk of the video, with the pink/purple collar on. 2020-09-05 3.00yrs
Instagr Dela  Nosework class with Dela 2020-08-10 8.4mths
FB Orchid  Orchid long bite at a seminar with Pierre Lamarie 2020-03-17 1.90yrs
YouTube Arya  Protection training with Arya 2020-02-04 1.50yrs
YouTube Neo  Neo FR Brevet 95.05/100 judge Chad Hunter decoy Miles Narnor host Marvel K9 Ringsport Club 2020-01-18 2.50yrs
FB Teagan  Teagan learning the object guard 2019-10-26 2.50yrs
FB Keres  Environmental and search work with Keres 2019-09-15 3.90yrs
FB Teagan  Teagan working obedience and bitework for MondioRing with Kevin Bain 2019-09-04 2.00yrs
FB Switch  Switch doing some heeling at the IPO club 2019-08-28 12.0mths
FB Oakley  Oakley being a goof at home, she is her mothers daughter 2019-08-28 12.0mths
FB Teagan  Teagan MR obedience 2019-08-28 2.00yrs
FB Teagan  Teagan and Linda, learning to do her own decoy work. You may have to be a FB friend to see this video 2019-08-28 2.00yrs
FB Teagan  Teagans highlight reel from the Kees seminar in OH 2019-08-28 2.00yrs
FB Arya  Arya dock diving 2019-08-28 12.0mths
FB Arya  Arya dock diving 2019-08-28 12.0mths
YouTube Sievert  Hunting for a ball in a cargo container 2019-03-27 2.50yrs
FB Arya  IPO training with Arya 2019-01-28 7.2mths
FB Unknown  OO litter 6 weeks old 2018-08-28 1.2mths
FB Unknown  OO litter 5 weeks old 2018-08-28 1.2mths
FB Dace  Dolce PSA PDC car jacking at a mock trial 2018-07-25 12.0mths
FB Dace  PSA PDC courage test 2018-07-24 12.0mths
Youtube Sievert  Sievert and Brian doing some bitework at the PSA club 2018-05-02 1.75yrs
FB Stitch  Clicker training and learning to mark odor 2018-04-28 3.6mths
YouTube Sievert  Sieverts 5th or 6th visit to the PSA club, doing some foundation bitework 2018-03-05 1.50yrs
FB Keres  Hope working on barking, approximately 7 months old 2018-02-26 7.2mths
FB Keres  IPO bitework, approximately 7 months old 2018-02-26 7.2mths
FB Keres  6 months old, retrieve with an environmental twist 2018-02-26 6.0mths
FB Axel  Axel 8 months old training with Origin Ring Sport for French Ring 2018-02-24 7.9mths
FB Axel  Axel 8 months old training with Origin Ring Sport for French Ring 2018-02-24 8.2mths
FB Teagan  Teagan day to introduction to MondioRing, she moved up to the leg sleeve. 4 months old 2018-02-23 4.0mths
FB Riley  Riley at the PSA club, she's going to be FAST 2018-02-22 6.0mths
YouTube Riley  her very first takedown, we are all so proud 🙂 7 months old 2018-02-05 7.2mths
YouTube Neo  Fun with sends 7 months old 2018-02-05 7.2mths
YouTube Neo  Neo - first time doing a car jacking 2018-01-08 7.2mths
YouTube Dace  Long bite during a Ringsport seminar, 7 months old 2018-01-05 7.2mths
YouTube Riley  First time back at the PSA club after a few months off (life happens) 2018-01-05 7.2mths
FB Axel  Axel 5 months old training for French Ring 2017-12-24 4.8mths
FB Axel  Axel 5 months old learning place for the guard of object 2017-12-24 4.8mths
FB Teagan  Teagan's introduction to Mondio Ring, 4 months old 2017-12-23 4.0mths
FB Teagan  Teagan learning various MR behaviors, recall, out/guard, etc 5 months old 2017-12-23 4.8mths
YouTube LA  3.5 months old, flirt pole, puppy sleeve, retrieves 2017-09-14 3.4mths
YouTube Unknown  NN Litter 7 weeks old. 1st individual flirt pole sessions 2017-07-18 1.4mths
Youtube Pickle  Working on barking for IPO 2017-03-05 1.10yrs
Faceboo Sievert  Socialization, first time meeting Doug, also a new location 2017-01-31 6.0mths
Faceboo Sievert  new place, new decoy, doing some basic bitework and grip development 2017-01-31 6.0mths
Youtube Sievert  testing hunt drive with Sievert 2017-01-26 6.0mths
YouTube Sievert  Introduction to sheep 2016-09-17 2.0mths
YouTube Jasper  Jasper in the box pit, working on hunt drive and environmental exposure 2016-02-08 4.0mths
YouTube Jasper  Jasper doing some basic puppy bitework 2016-01-25 3.6mths
YouTube Unknown  JJ Litter - 7 to 10 weeks old, grips and drives 2015-12-07 1.8mths