All Offspring

of Blida des Contes d'Hoffmann

Addison du Dantero "Addison"
A'Ezzard du Dantero "Ezzard" - IPO III, BH
A'Zeke du Dantero "Zeke" - SRD, CGC, EV
Elly des Contes d'Hoffmann "Elly"
Emma des Contes d'Hoffmann "Emma"
Enzo des Contes D'Hoffmann
Explosive Cannon Des Contes d'Hoffmann "Cannon" - FRI, OFA Good, Elbows normal
Extra des Contes d'Hoffmann "Extra" - OFA Elbows, HD+
E'F1 des Contes D'Hoffmann
E'M2 des Contes D'Hoffmann
E'Singe des Contes d'Hoffmann AKA Balzac "Balzac" - FRI, CSAU
Fast and Furious du Dantero "Shiva"
Fast Forward du Dantero "CJ" - HRD2, HTAD1, HTD1, PT, HCT, HOT, xrayed normal, Embark clear
Femme Fatale du Dantero "Flirt" - Multi HIT, HS, CDX, RM, NT, HT
#1 BSD and #4 All Breeds in Nova Scotia 2018 Obed Standings
#1 Belgian Shepherd & #7 All Breeds in NS 2017 Rally Standings
#5 Belgian Shepherd in Canada 2017 Rally Standings

Ferb du Dantero "Ferbinator" - Police K9, Hips x-rayed normal
Fortino du Dantero "Fortino" - K9 demo dog, Hips/elbows x-rayed normal
Fratz du Dantero "Fratz"
Fuzzbit du Dantero "Fuzzy"
F'Mallory Belle Knox du Dantero "Belle"
WR Bailey du Dantero "Bailey" - PPD, CGC, CSAU
WR Big Sky du Dantero
WR Bob du Dantero "Bob"
WR Bonney du Dantero "Bonney"
WR Bravo du Dantero "Bravo"
WR Byte du Dantero "Kilo" - EDD
X du Dantero "Ten"
Xcalibur du Dantero "Macito"
X'Jolene du Dantero "Jolene"

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Date Uploaded Approx
YouTube CJ  Working on CJs final response behavior, sit and stare, for nose work 2020-07-26 7.00yrs
YouTube CJ  Working some scent puzzles in the shed 2020-02-03 6.50yrs
Instagr Ferbinator  Out and redirect during training 2020-01-15 6.00yrs
YouTube CJ  Beginning odor recognition with CJ for nose work 2019-11-26 6.00yrs
YouTube Ezzard  Ezzard 2018 SW Regional Championships IPO3 protection routine 2018-01-22 6.00yrs
YouTube CJ  part of the HSBs run for her 2nd leg, 1st place and Reserve High in Trial score 83/100 judge Debbie George 2017-05-06 3.50yrs
YouTube CJ  HSAs run for her 2nd leg, 1st place in a class of 11 score 83/100 judge Debbie George 2017-05-06 3.50yrs
YouTube Ezzard  IPOIII Protection at the 2016 SW Regional 2016-12-08 4.00yrs
YouTube Ezzard  IPOIII Obedience at the 2016 SW Regionals 2016-12-08 4.00yrs
YouTube CJ  CJs first leg of the HSAs, with judge Ken Theus 2016-11-27 3.00yrs
Youtube CJ  CJs HTAD1 run at Action K9 Sports, judge Rusty Jeffers 2016-10-16 3.00yrs
Youtube CJ  CJ first leg of the PT (herding) 2016-07-16 3.00yrs
YouTube CJ  CJ's second leg of the PT 2016-07-16 3.00yrs
YouTube CJ  CJ doing some bitework, exposing her to yelling decoys and other evironmental stressors 2016-07-11 3.00yrs
YouTube CJ  CJ doing some hunting for a ball in a shed 2016-07-06 3.00yrs
YouTube Ferbinator  Some environmental bite work in a shed with Ferb 2016-06-27 3.00yrs
YouTube CJ  CJs 6th herding lesson, working on flanks, outrun/gather, stop, walk up 2016-06-27 3.00yrs
YouTube Ferbinator  Basic bitework with Ferb at the Ring club. 2016-06-13 3.00yrs
YouTube CJ  CJ's first leg of the HCT, 2nd time seeing sheep since she was about 3 months old 2016-05-09 2.80yrs
YouTube CJ  CJ's second HCT leg for the title, her 3rd time seeing sheep 2016-05-08 2.80yrs
YouTube Ezzard  IPOIII Tracking at the 2016 SW Regional where he took Vice Champion 2016-02-23 4.00yrs
Instagr Ezzard  IPOIII long bite at the 2016 SW Regional, part 1, where he tore the sleeve off the helper on the long bite 2016-02-23 4.00yrs
YouTube Fortino  Fortino takes the decoy down 2015-07-21 2.00yrs
Youtube CJ  CJ and Fuzzy at the FR club, environmental and people socialization 2015-03-20 1.8mths
YouTube CJ  CJ doing some bitework on the haybales 2014-12-30 12.0mths
YouTube Ferbinator  Retrieves through water and some hunt work 2014-11-23 1.50yrs
YouTube Ferbinator  Random obedience and tricks with Ferb 2014-08-10 1.25yrs
YouTube Ezzard  IPO II protection routine 2014-02-08 3.00yrs
YouTube Ezzard  IPO II obedience routine 2014-02-08 3.00yrs
YouTube Ferbinator  Puppy obedience with Ferb 2013-09-16 3.0mths
YouTube CJ  CJ - 12 weeks old doing some prey and environmental work 2013-08-19 2.6mths
YouTube Fuzzy  Fuzzbit - 12 weeks old, some environmental and prey work 2013-08-19 2.6mths
YouTube Ezzard  IPO 1 obedience at the Phoenix Schutzhund Club trial, 87 pts 2013-03-13 1.50yrs
YouTube Ezzard  IPO 1 protection work at the Phoenix Schutzhund Club trial, 95p pts 2013-03-13 1.50yrs
YouTube Kilo  Kilo - some hunt drive games and environmental stability testing 2012-10-08 8.0mths
YouTube Kilo  Kilo - 2.5 m working on object/place 2012-05-06 2.4mths
YouTube Kilo  Kilo - 2.5m working on basic obedience 2012-05-05 2.4mths
YouTube Kilo  8 weeks old, first time playing fetch 2012-04-07 1.9mths
YouTube Ezzard  Ezzard, 6 months old, working on blinds, out/guard, bark and hold, obedience for the bite, transport. 2012-01-17 6.0mths
YouTube Ezzard  Ezzard and Dave doing some obedience, Ezzard is 4.5 months old 2011-11-05 4.8mths
YouTube Ezzard  Ezzard working on Schutzhund obedience 2011-10-15 3.6mths
YouTube Extra  Extra - 6 months old, out in the field on the long bungee for the first time 2010-04-07 6.0mths
YouTube Balzac  Monkey AKA Balzac working with Francis at 3 months, Balzac is from Lilly x Arras 2010-01-02 3.6mths
YouTube Balzac  Balzac doing some environmental stuff at a local pub, 4 months old, Balzac is from Lilly x Arras 2010-01-02 4.8mths
YouTube Elly  Elly, some basic puppy tug 2010-01-02 3.6mths