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of Dantero's Mac de Dubois/Vassiliev des Contes d'Hoffmann

Bagheera Le Sage Du Morgan "Bagheera" - BH, MR1, FR1, Dock Diving
Belgee Tran "Belgee-Zury-Vurden"
Corral Alexia Godoy "CorralF3" - PPD
Corral Bronco Godoy "CorralM2" - MWD
Corral's Male1 "CorralM1" - MWD
Corral's Panzer "Panzer"
Dantero's Matrix "Matrix" - BH
Dona Alyona "CorralF1" - MWD
Elza du Dantero "Elza"
Emilia d'Mac du Dantero "Mimi" - CSAU
Excess Energy du Dantero "Energy" - x-rayed normal
E'Alia du Dantero "Alia"
E'Blue du Dantero "Blue"
E'Marleau du Dantero "Marleau"
E'Marquise du Dantero "Marquise"
E'SB du Dantero "SB"
Going Solo du Dantero "Solo" - PSA PDC, HOT, Xrayed normal, Embark DNA clear
Hawaii des Contes d Hoffmann
HD des Contes d Hoffmann
HD des contes d'Hoffmann
Heidy des contes d'Hoffmann
Kima von Wuesterking
Lefty du Dantero "Lefty (1)" - CGC, PPD, Ranch Dog
Leyla des contes d'Hoffmann
Lucius des Contes d Hoffmann PSA PDC
Luna Saphire Gonzalez "CorralF2" - MWD
N'Ares du Dantero "Aires" - Brevet, CSAU
N'Izzabella du Dantero "Izzy"
N'Ra du Dantero "Ra"
N'Sophie du Dantero "Sophie (N)" - CGC
N'Titan du Dantero "Titan" - RN
Neko du Dantero "Neko" - BH, CA POST
HC Nexxus to E du Dantero "Nexxus" - NADF EL(Exc), HTDIIIs, HRDIIIs, HXAsM, HXBsM, HIBs, HTDIIs, HIAs, HSAsc, HSBs, HRDIs, RLFI, PT, HCT-s, CL1-F, CL1-H, CL1-S, CL1-R, TFE, FDCh-S, CGC, CSAU(Exc), CHIC, HOT , OFA Good, Elbows normal, CERF
Nikita du Dantero "Niki"
N^ Jazzy-Girl Dantero "Jazz" - CGC
O'Bentley du Dantero "Bentley"
O'Boy Quil Coute Cher du Dantero "Poe" - IPO I, BH
O'Kojak du Dantero "Kojak" - PPD
Obsidian du Dantero "Sin" - BH, SAR
Onya du Dantero "Onya" - CGC, ORT, NW1
Ordre du Phenix du Dantero "Fawkes" - FR Br, MR 1, PSA PDC, IPO APR 2, SCH BH, WH, AD, DM, WH, EV Top Gun, SR Turbo, BA Senior, HIC, TDI, CGC, TT
2016 Dock Dogs Dueling Dogs Class Four WORLD CHAMPION, OFA Good, Elbows Normal, CERF, Embark Clear

Overdrive du Dantero "Surge" - TT, CHIC, CERF, OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Patella Normal, Shoulders Normal, Cardiac Clear, BAER
P'Czar du Dantero "Czar" - Dual Purpose K9, X-rayed normal
P'Molly du Dantero "Molly" - OFA Good, Elbows normal
Pakita du Dantero "Kita" - FRI(HIT), CSAU(Exc), HOT
2010 NARA National FRI Grand Champion
2010 Western Regional FRI Champion
HT, PT , OFA Good (prelim), Elbows normal, CERF

Panda du Dantero "Panda du Dantero"
Paxil du Dantero "Paxil"
Paxx du Dantero "Pax" - K9
Peron du Dantero "Peron" - K9, CSAU
Phace du Dantero "Phace" - Hips/Elbows Normal (PennHip 90th Percentile)
Phantom du Dantero "Akim"
Pia du Dantero "Pia du Dantero" - PPD
Q'Seven du Dantero "Seven" - OFA Good, Elbows Normal
Quantum Leap du Dantero "Jaya"
Quiet du Dantero "Fancy"
Saber du Dantero "Saber" - RN, BN
Sadie du Dantero "Sadie"
Sorcha du Dantero "Sorcha" - CGC, NDD, TDI
Square Deal du Dantero "Justice" - OFA Excellent
S'Bellagio High Stakes du Dantero "Bellagio"
Tuerca vom Wustekind "CorralM4" - PPD
Woody Acres Quick Draw du Dantero "Quick" - FR Brevet, OFA Fair, Elbows Normal
X du Dantero "Ten"
Xcalibur du Dantero "Macito"
X'Jolene du Dantero "Jolene"

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Date Uploaded Approx
Faceboo Solo  Some environmental training with Solo at the PSA club 2019-04-03 5.00yrs
Faceboo Solo  Obedience with distractions, prepping for PSA2 and 3 2019-04-03 5.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Search games with Solo in a cargo container 2019-02-18 5.00yrs
YouTube Solo  PSA1 Mock Trial performance with a passing score. Hosted by GSPSA 2019-01-28 4.00yrs
YouTube Solo  PSA1 trial routine at the Golden State PSA Club 2018-09-30 4.80yrs
YouTube Solo  PSA PDC protection routine at the SouthBay Working Dogs PSA trial. Judge Mike Wandell 2018-09-02 4.70yrs
Youtube Nexxus  Practicing the HXAs course 2018-04-05 8.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Introduction to muzzle fighting, this was Solo first time 2018-02-20 4.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Obedience with decoy distractions and some basic bitework 2017-11-26 4.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Obedience with distractions and bitework for PSA 2017-11-14 4.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Helping teach a new decoy leg technique at the PSA club 2017-09-19 3.50yrs
YouTube Solo  PSA PDC Mock Trial 2017-08-21 3.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Adding decoy and environmental distractions in obedience 2017-06-07 3.00yrs
Youtube Solo  Solos first car jacking scenarios plus practicing the escort and some passive bites 2017-05-22 3.00yrs
Youtube Solo  Introduction Solo to upper body (sleeve) bites and some environmental distractions 2017-02-23 3.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Introducing Solo to a PSA style drive 2017-01-31 3.00yrs
Youtube Solo  Beginning long jump training, 3.5m 2016-12-12 3.00yrs
IG Solo  Solo helping to break in the new Belgian Ring suit 2016-12-10 2.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Solo working on the guard of object and face attack technique 2016-10-03 2.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Some environmental bite work in a shed with Solo, 1st time in the shed 2016-07-06 2.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Starting Solo on some blind searches, working that hunt drive 2016-07-06 2.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Obedience with Solo - heeling, retrieve, change of positions, long down 2016-06-16 2.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Working some basic protection sport exericses with IRS 2016-04-27 2.50yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus EL Protection routine, she earned Excellents in all exercises, 1st place NADF EL, and High in Trial Protection. 2016-04-03 9.50yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus first PPD competition, the 2016 Winter Rumble Protection Dog Tournament. 3rd place in both intermediate and advanced. 2016-03-14 9.20yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus doing a car jacking, bitework, and first time in the muzzle 2016-02-14 9.00yrs
Youtube Nexxus  Nexxus Herding Started A course Ducks 2016-01-21 9.50yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita earns the first leg of her PT under judge Marian Potts at the SPVHC trial in Escondido CA 2016-01-17 8.50yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita earns the first leg of her HT under judge Marian Potts at the SPVHC trial in Escondido CA 2016-01-16 8.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Solo jumping a 1.2 meter (approx 4 foot) hurdle 2015-12-21 2.00yrs
Youtube Solo  Solo first time on the bungee, 3rd time in the suit 2015-12-16 2.00yrs
YouTube Solo  Teaching rear end awareness for the change of positions 2015-06-11 1.50yrs
YouTube Solo  Beginning bitework with IRS 2015-06-11 1.50yrs
YouTube Fawkes  Fawkes FRI protection routine 2015-06-10 8.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus doing an outrun, it is not just the BCs that can go big 2014-06-01 7.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus working about 20 head, driving, outrun, and other skills 2014-06-01 7.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Herding practice, working on some basic skills (stop, flanks, etc) and a quiet shed 2014-02-12 7.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus running the AKC HIAs course, her final leg for the title. Judge: Kathy Murphy Score: 84/100 Q Host Club: GSRC 2012-10-21 6.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus competing in her first AKC Rally trial. 98/100 and 2nd place in a class of 14. 2011-10-22 5.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus first agility trial, hosted by Ups-n-Downs Agility club. She qualified in 8/10 runs over the weekend, earning the CL1-F, CL1-H and CL1-S 2011-07-26 4.50yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita - working on the search and bark, then escort. Started it for FR, changing to to MR so learning the decoy won't escape from the blind 2011-01-15 3.00yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita doing some Mondio Ring cross training 2011-01-10 3.00yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita - practicing the 1.2m hurdle in training, and clearing it with ease 2010-12-03 3.00yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita's FRI routine from the Extreme Ring Dogs trial in Valley Center CA. Judge: Michel Valladon Decoys: Josh McCleary and Mike Porter 2010-09-05 2.50yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita - FRI 191.7/200 Judge Shannon Nieuwkoop, Decoys Matt Nieuwkoop and Adrian Centeno 2010-07-15 2.50yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita - FR Brevet 95.2 points and 1st place Judge: Rick Maples Decoy: Adrian Centeno Location: Ryde CA BARC Trial 2010-05-15 2.00yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita's first attempt at a Brevet, 84/100 points but NQ due to loss of over 80% of the points in the Defense of Handler. Judge: Rick Maples Location: Seabeck WA 2010-04-18 2.00yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita doing obedience at the French Ring club 2010-04-10 2.00yrs
YouTube Surge  Surge working weave poles, taught with the 2x2 method, and sending to and from his mat to a tunnel. 2010-01-03 2.75yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Herding Ranch Dog II on sheep, qualifying run. The sort ate up a lot of our time and we came close to NQ'ing for going over time (had 28 seconds left at the end) but she got through the course and finished 4th, only 4 points from 1st. 2009-12-30 3.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus doing some environmental training with Josh Z. 2009-12-08 3.00yrs
YouTube Surge  Learning the basics of the running contacts during a seminar with Silvia Trkman 2009-11-30 2.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus HSBs run, 93.5/100 for a Q run and 3rd place 2009-11-21 3.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus HIAs run it was an NQ due to the fiddling getting the sheep out of the pen 2009-11-21 3.00yrs
YouTube Surge  Surge taking the ATTS TT test 2009-11-08 2.00yrs
YouTube Poe  Poe working on obedience at MCWD 2009-09-22 2.25yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus working on focused heeling, retrieves and the send away at the Schutzhund club 2009-08-23 2.75yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus at the Schutzhund club working on the bark and hold, escape bites and carry 2009-08-23 2.75yrs
YouTube Poe  Poe working on heel position 2009-08-16 2.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus - training at North County Sch Club 2009-08-04 2.50yrs
YouTube Pax  Paxx doing some environmental work 2009-07-28 1.60yrs
YouTube Onya  Onya - Herding Instinct Evaluation, 2nd session with Terry Parrish 2009-06-06 2.00yrs
YouTube Onya  Onya - Herding Instinct Evaluation, 1st session with Terry Parrish 2009-06-06 2.00yrs
YouTube Kita  Working on heeling with Kita 2009-05-23 1.50yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus doing the HRDIs course. She needs to work on her stop command, but the run was a Q to finish her HRDIs title. Judge Terry Parrish, Escondido, CA 2009-05-17 2.00yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus working on driving and inside flanks 2009-05-13 2.50yrs
YouTube Onya  Onya - taking a scent detection class, instead of learning to search for drugs or weapons though they are learning to search for birch scent. 2009-05-05 2.00yrs
YouTube Onya  Onya - taking a scent detection class, blind search (handler doesn't know where the scent item is) 2009-05-05 2.00yrs
YouTube Surge  Surge having fun in the swimming pool 2009-04-27 2.00yrs
YouTube Molly  Molly - working obedience for the bite at the Sch club, 15 months old 2009-04-10 1.40yrs
WMV Pax  Paxx - Civil agitation 2009-03-19 1.25yrs
WMV Pax  Paxx - Bitework with some different accessories (a bat) 2009-03-19 1.25yrs
YouTube Pax  Paxx - compilation of training video including photos, face attack, environmental work, muzzle work and some basic scenarios 2009-03-07 1.25yrs
WMV Pax  Paxx - Face attack on the suit and his first time working in the muzzle 2009-03-03 1.25yrs
WMV Pax  Paxx - introduction to some environmental work and PP scenarios 2009-03-03 1.25yrs
YouTube Peron  Peron at 15 months working on the Face Attack and Defense of Handler for French Ring 2009-02-18 1.25yrs
YouTube Unknown  S Litter - First time out at Pete's place, playing on the "puppy rubble pile" on uneven and unstable footing 2009-02-18 1.7mths
FlipVid Surge  Surge - first introduction to the sheep 2009-01-16 1.75yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita at the Schutzhund club doing some bitework, 12 months old 2008-11-19 12.0mths
YouTube Kita  Kita at the Schutzhund club doing some bitework 2008-11-18 10.8mths
YouTube Molly  Schutzhund protection training. A collection of clips from sessions taken when she was 11-12 months old. 2008-11-13 12.0mths
YouTube Onya  Onya working on obedience for PSA, heeling, motion exercises, some agility obstacles, etc. 2008-11-08 1.50yrs
YouTube Onya  Onya working on bitework for PSA 2008-11-08 1.50yrs
YouTube Fawkes  Fawke's gets to try open field lure coursing. 2008-10-12 2.00yrs
YouTube Sin  Part of a Sch training session with Sandi and Kevin Combs (helper) 2008-10-12 1.50yrs
YouTube Unknown  P Litter du Dantero - 7 weeks old 2008-06-15 1.6mths
YouTube Unknown  Q litter du Dantero (Mac x Flip) 7.5 weeks old, some one on one tug work. 2008-06-15 1.8mths
YouTube Nexxus  Herding training, part 1. Working on the flank commands, and beginning to drive. 2008-06-14 1.50yrs
YouTube Nexxus  Herding training, part 2. Working on the flank commands, and beginning to drive. 2008-06-14 1.50yrs
YouTube Onya  Environmental work at a training day/BBQ at J. Turri's 2008-04-28 12.0mths
YouTube Fawkes  Fawkes practicing water retrieves 2008-04-25 12.0mths
YouTube Nexxus  Nexxus HSAs run, her second leg on the title. 2008-04-20 1.50yrs
YouTube Kita  Kita, just a few days before she turned 4 months, doing some environmental introductions with a puppy sleeve. 2008-03-10 4.0mths
YouTube Peron  Peron, just a few days before he turned 4 months, doing some environmental introductions with a puppy sleeve and some suit work 2008-03-10 4.0mths
YouTube Kita  Kita, 13 weeks, on the suit for the first time doing sends with an out/recall 2008-02-09 3.0mths
YouTube Peron  Peron at 12 weeks doing some retrieves, biting the suit, and some work on a soft sleeve. 2008-02-07 2.9mths
YouTube Peron  Peron at 8 weeks doing some tug work in the yard. 2008-01-03 1.8mths
YouTube Phace  Phoenix at 8 weeks doing some tug work in the yard. 2008-01-03 1.8mths
YouTube Poe  Poe at 13 weeks doing some environmental/tug work. 2007-07-25 3.6mths
YouTube Poe  O'Boy at 9 weeks doing some rag work in the yard. 2007-06-24 2.4mths
YouTube Sophie (N)  Sophie at 7 months old training for French Ring. 2007-06-07 7.2mths
YouTube Nexxus  Compilation of video of Nexxus from 4-6 months of age, training for Ring and Schutzhund. 2007-05-20 4.8mths
YouTube Aires  Aires doing some French Ring training (obed and bites) at 6 months of age. 2007-05-19 6.0mths
YouTube Sophie (N)  Sophie's 2nd time working with decoy for french ring sport, 6.5 months old. 2007-05-17 6.6mths
YouTu Nexxus  Nexxus doing some puppy work during a seminar, she had just turned 4 months that week. 2007-02-18 3.6mths
YouTu Jazz  Jazz during her puppy graduation. 2007-02-02 3.6mths