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of Calice du Dantero

D-14 Tomcat du Dantero "Jag" - SAR, YOSAR
Dame Grendyll du Dantero "Digit"
Daring by Design du Dantero "Dare" - HCTs, OFA Good, elbows normal
De Rostafario du Dantero "Rosta" - HCTs, detection dog in ID
ONYX, FGDCH Decadence du Dantero "Deca" - CD, AX, AXJ, EAC, EJC, TG-O, EGC, RL1, RA, CL3-R, Mjr Ptd, xrayed normal
Deja Vu du Dantero "JaJa" - SchH III, BH, FR Brevet (HIT), CGC, CSAU, OFA Prelim Good, elbows normal
Derby du Dantero "Derby" - Detection Dog
Diabolical du Dantero "Dax" - HCT-s, Hips, Elbows xrayed normal
Du Dantero's Herr Odin "Odin" - Conf Ptd, SAR
D'Baas du Dantero "Baas" - PPD
D'Rain du Dantero "Rain" - Narcotics Detection
Havoc du Dantero "Havoc"
Havok du Dantero "Havok" - FRI, SchH BH, RN, PT, HCTs, CGC, CSAU, HOT, OFA Fair, CERF, DNA #V509540
Hemi Powered du Dantero "Dodger" - Dual Certified Police K9
Heretic du Dantero "Harry"
H'Zeus du Dantero "Zeus" - BH, CGC

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Date Uploaded Approx
YouTube Dare  First time on sheep with Dare, doing some basic herding instinct testing 2017-03-21 9.0mths
YouTube Havok  Havok - FRI - 2009 NARA National Championships Judge: Camille Tisserand Decoys: Manuel Montero and Waleed Maalouf 2009-11-11 5.50yrs
YouTube Havok  Havok doing some environmental work 2009-07-28 5.00yrs
YouTube Havok  Havok - FRI performance at the ERC trial, it was an NQ score due to creeping in the positions and multiple out commands 2009-05-18 5.00yrs
YouTube Havok  Havok working on the Face Attack entry technique with Philippe Belloni 2009-02-17 4.80yrs
YouTube Havok  Havok - technique training for Mondio Ring with the accessories 2008-12-14 4.50yrs
YouTube Havok  Environmental work at a training day/BBQ at J. Turri's 2008-04-28 4.00yrs
YouTube Havok  Training session, introducing Havok to bicep targeting, and the PSA1 scenarios 2008-03-25 3.80yrs
YouTube Havok  Misc training clips, some environmental work, French Ring training and Schutzhund 2008-02-09 3.40yrs
YouTube Havok  Havok's first introduction to sheep. Yapping away in the background is his nephew Peron 2008-02-02 3.80yrs
YouTube JaJa  JaJa's SchI obedience routine. Video taken 7/3/04 2007-07-12 3.00yrs
YouTube JaJa  JaJa's SchI track. Video taken 7/3/04 2007-07-12 3.00yrs
YouTube Dax  First leg of Dax HCTs test. 2007-07-12 9.6mths
YouTube Rosta  First leg of Rosta's HCT test. 2007-07-12 9.6mths
YouTube Havok  Havok's FR Brevet performance. It was a squeaker, but he passed with 80.5 2007-04-29 2.80yrs
YouTu Havok  Some basic FR training, face and defense of handler. 2007-04-06 3.00yrs
WMV JaJa  JaJa doing some environmental work at John Ts house, hoola hoops, water, etc. Video taken in 2005. 2006-12-31 5.40yrs
WMV JaJa  JaJa during the protection phase of her SchII trial. 2006-02-11 4.50yrs
WMV JaJa  JaJa doing the long bite during her SchII trial. 2006-02-11 4.50yrs
WMV Dodger  Dodger - 6 mnths in a dimly lit room on extremely slick floors. The videographer was also the handler so we missed the initial entry. I lightened the video as much as possible so you can see the action. 2004-09-20 6.0mths