Influential Stud Dogs

The following are stud dogs used by Dantero, both ones we have owned or outside studs, and the historical stud dogs that while we did not use them directly, have passed their exceptional qualities down to the descendents we are producing today.  NOTE: this is not every stud dog we have ever used, but the ones that have left an impact on the program, in both current and future generations. 
Coming Soon – a list of the females who have had an impact on the program.


Stud Dogs Used by Dantero

Rytmo des Deux Pottois

An Elgos son/Atos grandson on top, and G’Vitou grandson/Dick II great-grandson on the bottom, Raptor brings the grips his lines are famous for, and the mind his grandfather Atos was known for adding.

Henzo de la Ailzallerie

Enzo’s pedigree is a combination many of the old French and Belgian lines such as de Vulcain, Noaillerie, Fontaine du Buis, Boscaille, G’Bibber, Qu’rack du Bois d’Emblise. His pedigree is very close to the pedigree of Elgos, containing approximately 70% the same dogs, even having the white chest more commonly associated with “the Elgos line”.

Lory de Chantepierre

Lory is a son of Docker de Vulcain and a grandson via his mother of Atos, making him 2:3 on the great G’Bibber. Lory was the epitome of the traits his father was known to produce, speed, grips and trainability and he passed those on to his offspring also.

Vassiliev des Contes d’Hoffmann

A son of the great Tom van’t Muizenbos and grandson of Veomar van’t Groetenhof, Mac was the epitome of the size, power, character and big grips they were known to pass on.

Luigi du Dantero

A combination of French and Belgian lines, Luigi consistently passes on his excellent grips, hunt drives, and stability.

Influential Stud Dogs from the Past

Arat (Dick I)

Arat (Dick I) was also known as “De Mits” (after his handler/owner) and by the nickname “the Bulldozer”. Arat is said by old-timers in Belgium to have been an excellent biter (who, like most dogs of the time, didn’t out easily) and easy to handle, but not the best jumper. Arat is a very important dog in all the bloodlines.


G’ Bibber’s super producing son. Used to balance spirit with a good mind. Bibber would add pure adrenaline, but Atos added a good mind as well.


A grandson of the famous Arat (Dick I), he produced a number of offspring who were found to be very important foundation breeding dogs. Two of his most influential sons are G’Bibber and G’Vitou des Deux Pottois (Varack). It is difficult to find a current working pedigree that does not include at least one of these males.


An excellent dog and producer, some of his more notable offspring are Leopol, Leos (Oke’s Sire) and Judice van’t Muizenbos, the mother of Oke and Rambo.

Docker de Vulcain

A son of the great G’Bibber he was a working Champion in France and used to produce speed, grips and trainability. Combined well with the old French lines.

Elgos du Chemin des Plaines

He was not a bullet train on the long bite, but is famous for his gripping and holding bites. And was bred a lot for this reason. Also biddable. Easy to train. Pharah’s white patch on the chest explains these typical markings in ELGOS’s progeny.


G’Bibber was an excellent working dog in addition to being an excellent producer, especially when bred back to the Arat (Dick I) bloodline.


Another son of the famous Arat (Dick I), Gordon, also known as Tarzan, concentrates the bloodline of Arat, being from a brother/sister combination.

Nelton des Deux Pottois

Nelton was also known as ‘Zorro’ NVBK and is a result of combining the bloodline of G’Bibber and Debber. This cross has proven very successful over time and Nelton is loved and renowned by top Malinois breeders all over for his reproductive qualities. Nelton was not a overly big dog himself but he had a big ‘motor’ and very good character to match.

Oke van’t Muizenbos

One of the Muzenbos kennel’s best stud dogs, Oke was 2:2 on the great Debber with influence from Gordon and Blondeau. He was an excellent dog himself and sired many work champions.

Rambo van’t Muizenbos

Rambo is sire to many strong working and producing studs. Two of his sons are Urpauwer and Veomar van het Groentenhof. He is the product of combining Toby, Debber and Gordon, all powerhouse producers for the NVBK Malinois.

Tom van’t Muizenbos

“Brits” was another influential NVBK stud from the famous Muizenbos kennel in Belgium. Hailing down from the great producers Toby, Debber, Gordon and Snap (brother to Cartouche). Tom was known for giving speed, big grips and strong character to his offspring.

Turcodos van de Duvetorre

Turcodos was an influential stud dog both in the US (imported by Ot Vitosha kennels) and Europe, producing a number of dogs that competed successfully at the World Championships in IPO.  Large dog, with high drives, full/grips and a very stable temperament, he's known for reproducing those traits in his offspring.

Veomar van’t Groetenhof

“Stan” was a large and powerful son of Rambo van’t Muizenbos. He is linebred on Debber and Gordon with influence from Blondeau. Frequently used to bring size, stability, power and character.

5 thoughts on “Influential Stud Dogs

  1. Gregory John Pollock

    Where's Tosco?

  2. dantero

    This page is aimed at stud dogs used in my breeding program, or influential dogs that are behind my program.  Tosco does not fit either of those criteria.

  3. Eric Vermeylen


    I read in your comments about Cartouche that you think he was a son of Dick I. That is not correct. Cartouche was a son of Castor van Cronenburg x Lis. Lis was a daughter of Arat (Dick I). If you look at the correct information about his ancesters, you will see that he was linebred to Cabil and Sirol.

    • dantero

      Thank you for pointing this out, some of the information I copied from other sources on the internet, instead of just looking at the actual pedigrees.  I will fix it.

  4. Eric Vermeylen

    Rytmo des Deux Pottois has no Toby II as ancester, G'Vitou's mother Josque was a daughter of Dick II (son of Dick I x daughter Mandro)

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