Dantero Kennel Presents

W du Dantero

Won du Dantero

xrayed normal

DOB: 2010-05-20
The W "litter" is a repeate of my L Litter. Pups were born May 20th, 1M and 1F. Unfortunately the male didn't make it. Won however is doing well, after a little bit of a slow start. With only one pup Chaos milk never really came in, and Won wasn't gaining adequate weight, so when Won was just shy of two weeks Nexxus adopted her and is doing double duty playing mom to Won and the V litter. Won has her own Photo Album online.


Mattole Valley's Evening Echo
2005 USA SW Regional SchII Champion OFA Exc, elbows normal, CERF
Turcodos Van De Duvetorre
IPOIII, SchIII, FCI & WUBSC World Championships Representative 2000 HD/B
Stoned Van De Duvetorre
IPOIII, FCI & WUBSC World Championships Representative 97, 98, 2000, WUBSC 1999 HD/B
Moonquest's Aurora Borealis
Working Ranch Dog OFA Exc
Noah vom Fluss Park
Diademe d'Elan
Dantero's Red River Rapids
FRIII, RN, HCT-s, CGC, CHIC, HOT OFA Exc, elbows normal, CERF
Rytmo des Deux Pottois
FRIII, 1996 NARA FRIII Champion OFA Good, DNA #V376188
Elgos Du Chemin Des Plaines
FRIII, MRIII, fin. WM '93 (2nd)
Ophelie Des Deux Pottois
Nature des Ducs du Justemont
FRI OFA Excellent, elbows normal, CERF, CHIC
Ch Tr Ippie du Rez-la-Ville
FRIII, Ring 3 fin. 98'26. 99'5, V1. RCAC HD-A

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