Dantero Kennel Presents

Red River 2

Red Rivers Chain Reaction

OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Patella Normal

Red River O'Breon Cona

Black Ives TNT De'von Rouge Riviere

Alonzo De La Mancha

SchI, BH
OFA Fair, Elbows Normal

Angus De La Mancha

Sit Happens Millie

OFA Good

DOB: 2002-11-15
The Nature x Jeckyll litter was bred by Mike Barger of CA. The pups were very consistent in looks, stamped by their mom Nature. There was a range of drive levels and gripping style.


Amok ot Vitosha
SchH III, IPO III OFA Good, Elbows Normal, CERF
Unknown (not in DB)
Unknown (not in DB)
Unknown (not in DB)
Unknown (not in DB)
Unknown (not in DB)
Unknown (not in DB)
Nature des Ducs du Justemont
FRI OFA Excellent, elbows normal, CERF, CHIC
Ch Tr Ippie du Rez-la-Ville
FRIII, Ring 3 fin. 98'26. 99'5, V1. RCAC HD-A
Hoskan de la Source Bien Aimee
SchIII, fin. WM-BB 96, FRBr, FR Import
Choupette de la Fontaine Aux Sylphes
Marlon des Deux Pottois
Djeza du Rez-la-Ville

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