Dantero Kennel Presents

O du Dantero

Obsidian du Dantero


Onya du Dantero


O'Bentley du Dantero

Ordre du Phenix du Dantero

FR Br, MR 1, PSA PDC, IPO APR 2, SCH BH, WH, AD, DM, WH, EV Top Gun, SR Turbo, BA Senior, HIC, TDI, CGC, TT
2016 Dock Dogs Dueling Dogs Class Four WORLD CHAMPION
OFA Good, Elbows Normal, CERF, Embark Clear

O'Boy Quil Coute Cher du Dantero


Overdrive du Dantero

CERF, OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Patella Normal, Shoulders Normal, Cardiac Clear, BAER

O'Kojak du Dantero


DOB: 2007-04-18
5 males and 2 females

If you are looking for grips, stability, work ethic, athletic ability, drive, structure and energy, this is the litter. Both Mac and Chaos have huge grips, and are very forward in the protection, regardless of the pressure being put on them. Very confident dogs, socially and environmentally. Both of them jump maximum on the FR hurdle, quite a feat for Chaos considering her smaller size. And their pups inherited these traits. Medium sized, with a few larger ones, very handler oriented with a lot of energy and go, go, go when outside working, but they can come into the house and turn it right off, settling down for a nap or to play with a toy.


Dantero's Mac de Dubois/Vassiliev des Contes d'Hoffmann
FRIII, RATP(K9), CGC, CHIC OFA Good, elbows normal, CERF, AKC DNA #V445337
Tom v. 'T Muizenbos
O'Sam (Sam vd Winkel)
Sara van 't Muizenbos
Salia des Contes d'Hoffmann
Veomar van het Groentenhof
Mira des Contes d'Hoffmann
Dantero's Red River Rapids
FRIII, RN, HCT-s, CGC, CHIC, HOT OFA Exc, elbows normal, CERF
Rytmo des Deux Pottois
FRIII, 1996 NARA FRIII Champion OFA Good, DNA #V376188
Elgos Du Chemin Des Plaines
FRIII, MRIII, fin. WM '93 (2nd)
Ophelie Des Deux Pottois
Nature des Ducs du Justemont
FRI OFA Excellent, elbows normal, CERF, CHIC
Ch Tr Ippie du Rez-la-Ville
FRIII, Ring 3 fin. 98'26. 99'5, V1. RCAC HD-A

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