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God Of Mischief du Dantero


G'Shadow du Dantero

DOB: 2003-09-03
This litter was not a planned breeding, although the pedigree combination is one I was planning on doing eventually (Chaos to an Enzo son, then Chaos to Enzo). While staying with a friend (Rizo's owner) Chaos came into heat and was bred. Rizo's hips and elbows have been x-rayed, his elbows are fine and his hips will go good or excellent when he's OFA'd. Both dogs have very social, stable temperaments. Chaos is an exceptional female,with excellent prey, toy and pack drive. Smaller size, with nice structure and athletic ability. Although an oops, this litter did show that the planned combination of pedigrees was a good one, and I have had multiple requests to repeat the breeding.

Unfortunately when the pups were 7 weeks old we had the wild fires in S. CA which pushed a lot of the local wildlife out of their normal habitat. Coyotes jumped my 6 foot cyclone fence and killed 4 of the pups while they were outside in the evening playing in the yard. 2 Tervuren and 2 Malinois pups were the only ones that survived. The 2 Terv pups were placed in pet homes. The Malinois pups are in working homes.


Camano's Fenrizo du Dantero
BH hips & elbows xrayed normal
Henzo de la Ailzallerie
FRIII, SchH BH, TT, HIC, HCTs OFA Excellent, elbows normal, DNA #V150315
Extra De Monteuffel
FRIII, 94 Selectifs
Ailza De Nathal
Zara v.d. Berlex-Hoeve
OFA Fair, Elbows Normal, CERF
Turcodos Van De Duvetorre
IPOIII, SchIII, FCI & WUBSC World Championships Representative 2000 HD/B
Sanka Van De Berlex-Hoeve
IPOIII, 5 X's World Championships Competitor
Dantero's Red River Rapids
FRIII, RN, HCT-s, CGC, CHIC, HOT OFA Exc, elbows normal, CERF
Rytmo des Deux Pottois
FRIII, 1996 NARA FRIII Champion OFA Good, DNA #V376188
Elgos Du Chemin Des Plaines
FRIII, MRIII, fin. WM '93 (2nd)
Ophelie Des Deux Pottois
Nature des Ducs du Justemont
FRI OFA Excellent, elbows normal, CERF, CHIC
Ch Tr Ippie du Rez-la-Ville
FRIII, Ring 3 fin. 98'26. 99'5, V1. RCAC HD-A

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